How To Delete The Dead Shortcuts In Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7


One of our reader asked on how can he remove all the dead shortcuts of all those programs he had uninstalled from his computer but some dead or unlinked  shortcuts remain there on his computer.


Microsoft has added a small utility in windows server 2003 resource kit, the small program name is ChkLnks.exe and it works not only on windows 2003 but on xp, vista and windows 7 also. With this small utility you can remove the dead shortcuts from your computer.


Lets see how to find and eliminate the dead shortcuts from you computer with ChkLnks.exe


Firstly download the utility from here and run the executable ChkLnks.exe, you will see screen like the one shown below


now check the dead links found and click finish to remove them.



  1. Why not post the Microsoft link to this utility instead of a someone’s “Copy” of the utility. At least you know the Microsoft version is sanctioned, and wouldn’t intentionally have a virus included.

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