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How to Download YouTube Videos using YouTubNow

YouTube is hands down one of the most resourceful websites when it comes down to entertainment. They literally have it all, be it music videos or even full length feature films everything is available on YouTube , and all for free. Granted there is some paid content on YouTube Red, but that’s not something we mess with, we’d like to stick to the free content. And today we’re gonna bring to you something that will allow you to download videos from YouTube onto any device.

Now before you tell us that YouTube already has a download feature within the app, let us remind you that the downloaded videos are private to each phone and there is no way you can transfer the videos that you downloaded to another device. This is because of the encryption that YouTube puts on the videos that are downloaded using their app. This makes sure that users don’t misuse copyrighted content that has been put on their website by downloading and replicating it.

The method we’re about to tell you about today however has no such restrictions and allows users to download whichever song and transfer it to any device you wish to. And to top it all the best part of this entire process is that you don’t have to download or install any sort of software. The entire process is online and the only files you have to download is the video file that you wish to download.

Let’s take a deeper look at the features of the online service called YouTubNow that allows users to download videos directly from YouTube.

Features of YouTubNow

Download files directly using just your browser: With the use of YouTubNow users can directly download songs from YouTube without having to download any software to download these videos. The website directly allows users to download any video of their choice in a format of their choice. The choice of your video can be downloaded in mp3 or mp4 format, making it viable for users to port the downloaded audio or video files onto other device, with absolutely no restrictions.

Unlimited downloads

The website also doesn’t have any premium or paid features that block users from downloading the files that they wish to. Which means that users can download whichever files they wish to and how many ever times they wish to.

A really brilliant search bar

YouTubNow comes in with a really resourceful search bar that allows users to find videos they wish to download directly from the website, without really having to go onto YouTube to find the links to download files. The search bar that is on the website allows users to directly search for videos that they wish to download.The search bar then returns with results from YouTube directly from which point users can download the video with a single click.

Bypass Age Restriction

If you use YouTube often enough, you’ll know how annoying the age restriction feature is if you haven’t signed into the website, the pop up will keep stopping you from viewing any content from YouTube that is age restricted. But if you’re using YouTubNow you’ll be able to download any video, age restriction or not.

Be completely browser independent:

YouTubNow is not a browser extension that you can only use when you’re using when you’re using a specific browser. The entire service is based on a website which makes it easily accessible from any browser. Whether it be mobile or web based the service always delivers.

In conclusion

YouTubNow is hands down one of the best YouTube Downloader we have worked with. The simplicity of the entire website alongside all the functionality that it offers makes it really easy to use and work with. There are no restrictions on the amount of downloads and users are able to download both video and audio files easily. We would definitely recommend this service to all of you.

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