How To Fix Windows Security Service Can’t Be Started Error- Code 1075

One of our readers reported this problem to us stating that he is getting “Windows Security service can’t be started Error 1075 on his Windows computer”. Windows security service takes care of features related to Windows security and is also known as WSCSVC service. If there is some mess up with the registry or there maybe instances when you install some security software and it tweaks the registry or services which may stop the Security service from starting automatically. In this article we share with you how you can fix this service error 1075 in some simple steps.

Just follow these steps to fix the solution.

Go to Start > Run or press Windows + R key to launch the run prompt. On run prompt, type “services.msc” and press enter.

Windows Services

On Services windows, locate the service named “Windows Management Instrument Service”

Windows Intrument Services

Right click and go to properties of the services and set the startup type to automatic and restart the computer.

set service to automatic startup

This will fix the problem in most of the cases where it is a service starting problem. But if the problem still exists, this maybe a reason of messed up registry entry preventing the service from starting. To fix the same, you can download and install this registry fix from WinHelpOnline and try it. Before you run this registry fix, we recommend you make a backup of registry just in case.

via- Microsoft Community

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