[How To] Locate The Contact Information Of A Website / Domain Name Owner

In the era of web, internet and online space, more and more people are setting up websites. The purpose behind websites vary vastly from just a portfolio creation to a brand website to a personal blog and what not. Have you ever wondered on how to get the contact information of a website or domain name owner in case you need to contact them for whatever reasons? Well there maybe many reasons why you want to reach out to a person who owns a domain or website including some business reasons, personal reasons or whatever reasons. In this article, I share a very simple but useful tip for finding contact information of a person who own a domain or website.

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To save you from a lot of effort, the first thing to do is to open the website and look for any link which says “About US” or “Contact US”, most good websites have this practice in which they publicly share some contact information on their website page only. If you can locate it from there and then, it’s the best thing as it saves your further effort. But not all websites have About us or contact us page, especially the nasty ones, for such websites, just read on.

Now if you have a website with no official contact or about page, simply go to http://who.is and type the name of the domain you want to find the contact information for.


On this page, you will find the link of the registering company where the domain name is registered. Simply copy and paste the URL in the web browser.


On the domain registrar website, you will find the contact details of the person / organization who has registered the domain.

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NOTE: There is a provision of hiding this data from public and many domain owners and websites opt for this option as an additional service. For such accounts, you may need to write an email to the registering company to get the details. They may or may not disclose the details to you in such case unless you have the legal authority to demand such detail from them.

We hope you find this tip useful, please leave your comments and suggestions below.


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