How to open rar archive when you don’t have WinRAR installed


One of a reader reported us a simple problem on how to open compressed RAR file format when you don’t have WinRAR installed, or some times a user may not know what .rar file mean and which program to use to open .rar file.


This is quite common and simple trouble which can be easily dealt with two type of solutions.

Let’s see what are the two potential fixes to this problem.


Two Method to solve the problem are listed below

Method 1:

You can simply open .RAR file by downloading the shareware version of WinRAR from here, but it would be a shareware version it wont offer full features of WinRAR

Method 2:

The complete solution to this problem could be solved by using a open source, free compression and decompression software called 7-Zip, download it from here.


  1. 7zip’s pretty nifty tool, but i’ve not been able to open split rar files (spanning across multiple files; typically downloded through torrents) with it. i still had to resort to WinRAR for this…do lemme knw how can i go abt it with 7zip

  2. Agreed, 7-zip is not optimal for RAR. Personally I use BitZipper which also has a cool batch-tool that can extract multiple RARs and ZIPs at once.

  3. dear all,

    whenever I am copying some documents from a web site through Internet Explorer and paste in MS word then word is going to hang position and saying that not responding.

    But the same thing whenever I am copying this through fire fox it is working properly.

    please support me.

  4. I was always facing problem to open a .rar file . It was showing error window cannot open this file Now after this my problem has been solved .Thank’s for this tip

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