How To Pin Any Non Metro Program Shortcut on Windows 8 Start Screen Which is Not Downloaded From Windows 8 Store

One of our reader who downloaded the Skype on windows 8 after downloading the program setup from the skype official website, now he was facing this problem in which he cant pin the skype on the start screen as after installing there was no new tile created for the same and he cant do it, he tried dragging the app icon to start screen but its not possible that way.


This may happen to any one, he also asked this from the microsoft support but they replied with a strange answer saying that any program which is downloaded from the windows 8 app store can only be pinned to start screen in windows 8.

Today we will tell you how to pin almost anything on windows 8 start screen including non metro apps, folder etc, the only thing you need to do is to create a desktop shortcut of the program or folder you want to place in the windows 8 start screen as a tile.


Once you have created the shortcut, if you right after selecting that shortcut you will see the option to pin the same on start screen.


then you will see the non metro app or folder tile on the start screen in windows 8.


  1. I dont have any of the Metro Store Apps on my Start screen! Theer wasnt one that I wanted on show and very few, well close to none, that I actually use.
    But another way for programs and apps you have installed is to right click on the Start screen then click on All Apps.
    You will see everything you have installed on your PC, just right click the program or app of your choice and select Pin To Start and its done.

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