How to protect your computer from virus in pen drives


We have received lot of problems where computers got infected easily by the viruses in the pen drives, pen drives have become one of the most easiest carriers of various types of viruses these days.

We will tell you how pen drives normally infect your computer systems and how can you open pen drive safely and back up your important data.

How a virus in your pen drive infects?

Most of the active viruses infect your windows system as soon as you double click on the Pen Drive icon in your my computer. As virus always creates a autorun.inf file which is a system ,hidden and a read only file on your pen drive. It point to the main virus file which is also located on the pen drive. When user double clicks on the pen drive files pointed by the autorun.inf got executed which copies the virus files on your system.

The image below shows the Autorun file entries in some special characters when you right click on the drive.


Let’s see how can you protect yourself by following certain practices.


Let’s discuss these practices one by one:

1. Disable Autorun on Your Pen Drive:

  • Open to Start >> Run and type “gpedit.msc” (without quotes) and press enter. This will open Group policy editor.
  • Browse to Administrative templates >> System >> double click on Turn off Autoplay click on Enabled and Under Settings >> Select All Drives in the drop down and click OK (as shown in the image below)


2. Scan Your Pen Drive:

Whenever you insert your pen drive / portable drive into USB port on your system make sure to run a virus scan with your anti virus before opening your pen drive contents in windows explorer.

3. Use FreeCommander:

FreeCommander is again a file explorer like windows explorer, so you just need to download it by clicking here and install it.

After installing open your pen drive through FreeCommander (as shown in the image below)


Check if there are some additional files like autorun.inf , Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe ,Ravmon.exe ,New Folder.exe etc or any other file which you have not copied or created, delete all these suspicious files on your pen drive.


Quick Update: 26th March 2008

4. Use your virus infected pen drive: You can also use your virus infected pen drives to copy your important data in worst circumstances.


How to backup your important data when your pen drive is infected with a virus




a. Insert your pen drive into the usb port, if it detects your drive you will see it in my computer.

b. Now don’t double click on your drive, rather open the pen drive contents by typing the drive letter.

For Example: type g: and press enter if your pen drive is shown as new g drive under my computer.    

c. Copy your important files from your pen drive close the window and format your pen drive after then.


If you are still suspicious about the existence virus files on your pen drive, you can remove virus from your pen drive through command prompt by the method suggested by Madhur here in this article

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  1. Hi ,

    I am not able to open or format my pen drive. whrn i click on open it shows “Please insert a disk into drive”. I tried this pen drive on other system. and when i right click on pen drive it shows free space 0 and used drive 0 bt there is a light in pen drive. and in device manager it shows this drive is working fine.I think pen drive is fine. so, can you please suggest me what i need to do next.

    Thanx and Regards
    Gaganpreet singh

  2. Author

    @ Gaganpreet

    Try to format the drive on some other computer. If the drive is not recognized by any of these, then u need to get it replaced under warranty terms.

  3. my hard disk volumes r not opening whn i click that it leds to “OPEN WITH MENU”
    i removed a virus amvo.exe(trojoan horse) from my computer after that i restarted my computer now PC run as usual then no virus is found in my mcafee virus scan 8.5 (updated)….pls post ur quries and ideas to my id

  4. thks soo much

    but i just have one question, if anyone could help please,
    after using the free commander, and trying to delete those .exe files, these files appear again and again.

    just need ur help here, i cant clean those virus.


  5. Author


    If the files are appearing again themselves, there must be some more files which are generating them . Look for some suspicious autorun or dll files etc, that could be generating those executable files. Delete such suspicious files.

  6. with thanking i have removed that problem. but there is still virus would u tell me how to delete all these virus.

  7. i have one more question how i can safe my pc when i use internet.

  8. i need information abt how to del driveguard.exe and flashguard.exe(win32:AutoIT-cH[wrm]

  9. hi this is very good to remove your virus step by step
    i get ride of virus in my phone memory card or in my phone memory and also in pen drive

  10. hi,
    my name is farhan habib. i have a lot of problem.pls solution how to delete autorun.inf pendrive virus and also newfolder.exe file how to delete in pen drive

  11. Thanks for making available this type of solutions.
    This is very useful.
    I shall be obliged if the functions of registry keys will be made available to me.

  12. every time i plug in my usb into a computer it restarts immediatley, on top of that any usb inserted to the same computer mine was gets this “virus” and then does the same thing to any computer, what can i do to fix my usb if i cant even plug it in

  13. thanks for these wonderful tips buddy
    but my pen drive shows driveguard.exe
    how should i remove it

  14. thanks buddy
    but my pen drive have virus like driveguard.exe
    & also RECYCLER as well as security these all shown in cmd
    please help

  15. hello trouble fixers team i work as computer technician and i always visited this web site its very good to got the knowledge from this sit i liked it .
    i have got very good pen drive protector program called USB Disk Security its scan all kind of viruses and also have a tools you can include all the drives c: d: .. and pen drive by autorun.inf virus protector by disabling this virus to not act the computer when its trying to get throw it. you can see in all drives this autorun file and no need to update the virus signature .
    thanks and good luck

  16. Dear sir,

    I have a problem with my flash.when i connected it to the computer the following message appears.

    ” The disk can not be written because the it is write protected. Please remove the write protection from the volume in drive
    \Drive\Device\Harddisk1\DR11 ”

    When i try to format it, it apperas a message “Disk is write protected”.I can’t copy new files into it (windows and linux).
    A virus like software is inside it called “DriveGuard.exe” (microsoft corporation)and its autorun file. Please tell me how to
    remove these files from flash and how to remove write protection from flash.To my another flash can’t copy more than 600 MB
    (its size is 2GB). When it overcomes 600 MB is also appears the write protected message. But it does not contain the “DriveGuard” and
    autorun filefile.

    S/N : G01GNMW680022
    Model : PD1

    Yours faithfully


  17. Hi..
    Well my pen drive is not being detected on my pc..
    So plz if u cud tell me any software through which i can make it poss…

  18. I am having 32GB Kingston pendrive.It doesn’t work properly.
    all my datas such as mp3,videos,image files are vanished.
    But the used GBs are shown in properties.all the folders are empty. please give me a solution for this.I was completely fed up with this problem.

  19. hey i have pendrive
    if i tried formatting
    then give message that
    ” currently used by another system process”
    is their any solution

  20. when i inserted my pen drive or any cd to my cd-writer before stating my pc , my pc not stared only shows blinking,,,,

    and if i want to start my pc without any inserted pen drive or cd it works or open smoothly,,
    pls help what is the problem

  21. I have a 4gb kingston pen drive.When i try to execute the data in the pen drive it doesn`t work.The data also gets corrupt sometimes.PLZZZZZZ.Help

  22. Master, i can delete using freecommander but after i plug the pendrive back again in my pc. the virs is coming back again… maybe my pc oo infected got anyway that i can delete my desktop virus too ?

  23. hi,
    I download idm515 trial version &install in Xp.Now Its period is over so I uninstall it &try to download idm516 trial version but unable to do it.

  24. I have a 4 GB pen drive. which is infected from viruse Autorun.inf and I am not success to format it and i have no any antiviruse too.

  25. Hi Boss,

    My pendrive is SONY VAIO 20 GB. When i connect my pendrive to my computer i can copy all the things to it, but when i connect it any other system aftr sometime the files could not be opened and the file size will be increased to 32Gb, 40 GB etc. as @#@!!@# symbols only.

    It could not be formatted or complete the check disc process.

    May i know which virus is this and kindly tell me how to delete this virus…

    Awaiting ur early reply..



  26. hi…my pen drive gets hanged when i insert in system.I could not even format it.. wat can i do?

  27. I have a 2 GB pendrive.If i try to open it,its coming as access denied.I want to copy the contents of what can i do.please suggest me.

  28. Hi
    I heard that new pendrive came. that will scan autmatically. It contains one anti virus software that scan it. whenever we insert the pendrive to any pc.If yes .please tell me

  29. whenever i insert my pendrive whose capacity is 2 gb it shows that only 2 mb space is there any solution to this problem???

  30. hello.. i cant open my USB please help..

    its same situation like what other says in their comment.. wen evr i open my usb there is a dialog box telling to please insert a disk to the removable disk.. what should i do.?? hmm my files is very important hope you will help me thanks..

    and by the way what is pen drive??

  31. how can i make a bootable cd with cd-rom device drive but without a floppy drive.

  32. when i explore/click my pen-drive a notepad have opened. how i will prevent this problem without formating.

  33. I have a 2GB mp3 player, it is not playing mp3 files, please give suggest

  34. sir,

    my pen drive infected with virus, so i cleaned with kaspersky antivirus. all virus cleaned. But all the files in the pen drive shows as one file like (USBCÇYè) and i can’t open it.

  35. Hi,

    My pen drives shows its full of data and my anti virus software also scan the files but they are not displayed when i open my usb, i have also checked by enabling hidden files.. plz suggest wt to do in such circumstances?

  36. go to command prompt by start -> run and type cmd
    then type cd space and type ur drive letter and list then type dir…it will list all the files in the drive

  37. I think my pen drive and Mp3 infected by same virus. Even after I format both of them, there is still a text document inside it. The file named “service” and when I click in that file it just all “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” inside. No matter how many times I format or deleted it manually, that file still will appear with the same name and contain. I have tried few anti viruses to scan it (panda/ avira/ norton/ 360) but all the anti viruses did not categorize this file as virus. Can anybody kindly advise the solution?

  38. My pen drive got infected with virus called newfolder, which again infected my computer and Then My mobile and my memory card

  39. I am having 32GB Kingston pendrive.It doesn’t work properly.
    all my datas such as mp3,videos,image files are vanished.
    But the used GBs are shown in properties.all the folders are empty. please give me a solution for this.I was completely fed up with this problem.

  40. hello i have a problem that my pen drive is not detected and after trying all the above methods it is not shown .
    what should i do ?????
    any way out pls help me >
    ty !!!

  41. Thanks mate, its a very useful tips, i never got infected anymore,but I dont know what to do with Other Computers that that has been infected with these viruses from Pendrives without reinstalling the whole system.Can you give us some tips on deleting them from the registry or something?I already know how to manually clean zhengbo.exe..etc, but there are a lot of viruses that do not even have a proper name…and there are some that keeps changing the virus names in the pendrives…?I would be very grateful If you could help me?

  42. Dear Friends,

    I have a transcend 4gb pen drive. When I insert my pendrive in my laptop, I can see it’s icon on my computer, but when i click on it’s properties it shows used space 0, available space 0. The pendrive contains important data, so i don’t want to loose it……What to do


  43. I have got two of my USB memory sticks showing the message whenever I tried to open “The drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now”, Obviousely these are infected, my question: Do I have to foramt them at all, or is there any solution to disinfect and save the data in these drives?

    Thanks for an answer

  44. when i was insert my pendrive i can’t open the shows “access denied” command.what shall i do plz
    suggest to me.

  45. sir/madam,
    i used cefc 2 gb pen drive. Yesterday i insert the pen drive in local dvd player usb port. that told no usb. after i can’t use my pen drive. because when i insert my pendrive in my computer usb port the pen drive light is working and suddenly open the auto play option. but now pendrive is light is off and my computer did not show the port. so i can’t use the pen drive. not only my computer. it’s not work other person computer and dvd players.
    please help me if you know what the problem is?

  46. Hi!! please help me from this great problem. I need to open my pendrive but could’nt. It asks to format every time. But i connot format, as because I need the important documents in it. Please advise how to copy those files out of the pendrive.

  47. when i open my pen drive it open properly. there is no problem in writing data also. but if I remove my pen drive and insert again ,there will be no data. it is the problem of auto erasing. What to do
    pls help Me!!

  48. how 2 remove the FUCKING (((RECYCLER VIRUS ))) from my pendrive. am unable to format thiz fucking virus from my pendrive as well as from my computer …. provide me with some solutions bro. i tried every thing but still am unable to delete it……..!!!

  49. My Kaspersky Anti Virus did not save me. Had I received this advice earlier, I would have been saved by a lot of trouble. Thanks

  50. hi, i have a memory card problem,
    memory card not supported to my phone and also memory card not access through pc, so please give me suggestion how to recover the data from my corrupted memory card.

  51. hi friend,Rohit here.I have a pen drive but it was infected by worn virus and i have scan with register anti virus but access always denied to remove virus even that I have formated it but system will unble to format.It is an Autopaly virus.So i kindly request you help me out.

  52. wen i insert usb into cpu..usb device not recognized pop up box is showing but not openg to fix this problem

  53. pls,how do i obtain my important informations on a pendrive which just contacted virus?

  54. and one thng more tht is it does not formatted..i tried many times.

  55. dear team members, how 2 create
    Run and type “gpedit.msc i have got windows8 laptop latest one, with i5 core processor, pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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