How To Remove Eye Option To View Password on Windows 8 Login Screen

There are times when you might be entering the password on your desktop workstation and some one is standing near to your workstation who might the see the password, in such cases you can hide your password by typing it fast or hiding it with your shoulder by covering the keyboard with your body by inclining towards the workstation.

Recently I noticed some thing new in windows 8 on the login screen, after passing through the welcome screen on windows 8, I was supposed to enter the password and the moment I started typing the password, I could see the eye symbol which appeared in the password box on the login screen, if you are confusing this with eye option in password field on email and web forms in IE, you can read our guide on how to remove the eye symbol in IE for password boxes.

This time we are talking about windows 8 login screen, as you can see in the image below. So, after noticing the eye option to view the typed password in password box, I wanted to remove the same as that feature was not for me so I want to disable it.


After some search I found out that there is no way to disable the password view option in windows 8 on login screen by some registry tweak or some app which could do this but you can at least increase the security of your windows 8 machine by enabling classic logon which again will increase the overall security for your account and take some other measures.

Don’t Leave The Windows 8 Machine With Password Entered on Login Screen

One simple way to avoid any password leakage is to avoid leaving the workstation with your password entered, there are times when you need to immediately leave your workstation but password is entered in such case just press the escape key and the password will be removed and it will revert back to login screen.

Add Extra Password For Windows 8 Login Screen

Another way to get rid of this issue is to create a small pin password in windows 8, so in this case it will be easy for you login with a small pin and you don’t have to type in your long alphabet password every time to login in windows 8, but again don’t forget to leave the login screen with pin password entered state. To Create pin password which will a be number password without alphabets you need to press Windows Key + I and then go to change pc settings and and then under users you will see the option to create a pin password.


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