How To Remove Sowar.vbs Virus And Fix Internet Explorer Title Bar Text


We recently received a comment from a reader saying Lin Mar

How can I restore Internet Explorer as title of my browser.  SoWar Browser is displayed instead of Internet Explorer.  I hope you can help.  Thank you.
BTW, my pc was infected with sowar.vbs.


Sowar.vbs is another autorun.inf types virus which infect from pen drives and performs the following actions on the infected computer

Sowar.vbs virus copies the following files in the system root directory of windows ( i.e C: drive )

  • Cool USEP Scandal.vbs
  • sowar.vbs
  • Windows\SysRes.vbs

It also creates an autorun.inf file in the root directory whenever the removable pen drive infected with sowar.vbs virus, more over it creates a startup entry in windows registry to run SysRes.vbs on startup and last but no the least it modifies the title text of your internet explorer SoWar Browser.


Let’s see how can you remove sowar.vbs virus from your computer and fix the internet explorer title bar.


You will need to delete all the files which are created by the virus and copied to your computer.

Follow the procedure below to remove the sowar.vbs virus from your computer.


Removing SoWar.vbs virus


1. Open Start Menu >> Run, type cmd and press Enter key

2. Type Cd\ and press Enter

3. Type attrib –s –h –r –a autorun.inf and press Enter

4. Type del autorun.inf and press Enter

5. Repeat the above command from 3 and 4 for all drive on your computer

6. Now Search for Sowar.vbs , Cool USEP Scandal.vbs and SysRes.vbs, and delete all these files wherever they are found on your system

Note: In order to delete these files you may need to apply the following commands

7. Now in the command prompt, type in your primary drive location usually C: drive

Type: attrib sowar.vbs.* -s -h -r -a Press Enter
Type: del sowar.vbs Press Enter 

Repeat the above command on your flash/pen drive also, exit command prompt and disable autorun using this post and reboot your computer.


Fixing the Internet Explorer Title Bar


There is free script which will let you fix the internet explorer title, download the script here, If you want to know the complete procedure check out the complete post on how to change the internet explorer title bar text.


We hope this will help you fix the trouble, if it does not please let us know through comments at the end of this post.


  1. i already done that procedure but it doesnt work.. pls help me remove this annoying sowar virus

  2. i done the procedure but “FILE NOT FOUND” i still have the sowar on top of screen.. pls advice tnx

  3. hay guys

    i have infacted for some virus from pen drive…….can u give me to solution for me thats grate

    this is what happen after pluging pen drive my ie tab title is like this
    HACK BY NKrockerZ

    like this
    and when i open the ie its derect to the

    pls give me some solutio for this


  4. are these procedures in deleting and fixing the sowar problem really work?????

    seems that many didn’t got the help and solution they need…

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