[How To] Update Google Chrome To Beta 2


Some of geeks among us (including me) want to use the latest features of the softwares that are released. One such talked about release is Google Chrome. The Beta 2 of google chrome has been recently released. But it will not update your google chrome browser to beta 2. This will happen only after you change its update channel. In this post we will cover step-by-step procedure to update google chrome to latest beta version. The best thing about it is that you can always choose to get the latest version whenever it gets released.


Read on for the steps.


Step1: Download and Run Google Chrome Channel Changer , this will give a windows like one below:


Select the “Dev”, option and click update.


Step2: Open google chrome and go to settings, about google chrome as shown below:


This will show a small window like below, on this you will see current version, like as shown below, also you will see notification “A new version of Google Chrome is available” , click on “Update Now” button. This will start the update.



Step3: The update will finish in a few minutes and you will see a message like the one below:


Simply close the google Chrome, and run it again, and that it, its done.

you can verify the version by opening the about google chrome in settings, below you can see the version shown by my browser after update:google-chrome-updated-to-beta-2

Hope you find it useful.

Note: If you want to downgrade to older version, chrome has no provision for that, so to do that, you will need to un-install the beta and install earlier version separately.


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