[HOW TO] Upgrade Mac Book RAM


I recently ordered a Mac Book Pro 13.3 inch model which comes standard with 2GB DDR3 RAM and supports up to 8GB of RAM. When I checked the price for upgrade to 4GB , it was 100 dollars extra and in that case I will loose the discount I got by purchasing it via a seller running some deals.


On checking the price of 4GB RAM, it was 60 dollars only, so I decided to upgrade it myself, thus I ordered Mac book Pro and RAM separately. I have successfully upgraded it, in this article, I will tell you how you can upgrade your Mac Book RAM.


First thing is that you must know which type of RAM is used in your Mac book. To know what RAM is being used, check the following link:


Crucial Memory Mac Compatibility Page : At this link, select the kind of Mac Book or Mac Computer you have and it will show you the type of compatible RAM. You can buy from this site or just check the RAM type which is something like DDR3 – PC8500 or DDR2 – PC5300 or something similar.

Note down the RAM type for your reference because you need the correct type of RAM which your Mac book uses otherwise it will not fit or if it fits, it may damage the Mac book.

Here is another link to check the RAM compatibility: EDGE Apple Memory Page


Once you have the proper RAM type, you can purchase it online or from your computer store and you are ready to upgrade.


To upgrade, you need to ensure that you are having a neat place to open and proper screw drivers to open the rear panel. We recommend to use a ESD safe wrist strap or something similar. And avoid touching any circuitry with bare hands or skin.


See this article which gives you the way to open up the rear panel of the Mac book in a correct way and replace / upgrade the RAM : Apple Support Page For RAM Upgrade .


Here simply select the Mac book type and it will show you the RAM type and method to open the rear panel.

1. Remove the Power/Charger and Shutdown the Mac book.Open rear panel carefully as mentioned in above Apple Support Page link, avoid touching any circuitry with hands or any metal.

2. Pull the clips sideways that hold the RAM in place, pull out the RAM gently.

3. Replace with new RAM, make sure the new RAM is seated properly.

4. Close the panel properly.

5. Boot and Check the RAM using system profiler tool.


NOTE: If the Mac book does not boot after RAM replacement, open the rear panel and ensure that RAM is seated properly in slot. If even then it does not boot, it indicated that either RAM is not compatible type or faulty. Check with your RAM seller in that case and replace the old RAM so that you can work with your Mac book.


See the below images for your reference:

Mac Book Pro 13.3 Inches, back panel removed and RAM removed:



Mac Book Pro 13.3 Inches with new RAM in place (2 x 2GB RAMs):



Check Newly Fixed RAM status:

1. Boot the Mac Book and of finder menu, go to  “Go > Utilities” or press Command + U button to open Utilities

Picture 3

2. On Utilities Screen, open System Profiler.

Picture 4

3. On system Profiler, click on Hardware > Memory in the left hand pane. This will show you the details of the RAM you just installed.

Picture 5

This is our first article on Mac. Hope you find this tutorial useful and easy. Leave your comments and suggestions.

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