[How To] Use One Keyboard And Mouse On Many Computers


In my office, I have a Desktop Computer and a Laptop Computer lying side by side. The keyboard trolley and mouse position of Desktop computer are well placed for me and provide me more comfortable working posture.

But when I had to change posture to reach laptop keyboard and touch pad, it was kind on inconvenient. So I looked for some way of using my Desktop Computer Keyboard and Mouse with both my Desktop and Laptop.


I came across a wonderful freeware called Synergy which allows to use one pair of Keyboard and Mouse with Multiple computers.  In this article I will show you hot to do use one keyboard and mouse on many computers.


To use the tool called synergy, the computers you want to control must be connected to each other on one network because this tool works on LAN.


Follow these simple steps to configure install and configure synergy:


A) Download and Install Synergy from here. Install it in all the computers you want to control with one Keyboard and Mouse. In my case, I have two computers.


Configure Master Computer


You need to configure one computer in Master / Server mode which will have the Keyboard and Mouse that can control all other computers. For the same, launch Synergy and select the following radio button which says “Share this computer’s keyboard and mouse” as seen below:


Click Configure button, on this, another screen will show up Screen and Links Window as below:



Click on the + /Plus Symbol button to add a the screens you want to control, I have added rohit-pc and rohit-desktop, these are my laptop and desktop computers. Now create links by using the buttons below the link text box:


This creates a new link as shown, click OK after this.


Now just press the start button on main Synergy Screen to start the server as shown below:


This is done for the Master / Server Synergy computer.


Configure Client Computer


You need to configure other computers that you want to control with the master computer as as client mode. For client, select the radio button on synergy screen which says “ Use Another Computer’s Shared Keyboard and Mouse” as seen below:


Start the client after you put the Master Computer name by pressing the start button on the Synergy screen as shown below:


That is all, now you can enjoy using one set of keyboard and mouse on multiple computer screens.

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