[Solved] Fix Internet Explorer Does Not Remember Login Username, Password Details

One of our reader reported us the problem with the internet explorer, as he realized that IE does not remember the username and password for some of the websites which he browse, and some times the IE does not prompt to remember the username and password credentials for some websites, today we will tell you some of possible solutions when some thing similar is happening with you.

do you want to remember password

Remembering password and username in IE is not very good as per security, but if you know what you are doing and your computer is not used by anyone other than you. Now there can different  reasons why IE stops remembering passwords for login at different websites.

IE Auto Fill Feature Not Working

There are times when IE has the remembered password but it does not auto fill the username and password text box and this could happen due to old browser history or cookies stored inside IE, to solve this you can follow the following procedure.

1. Open IE and then go to Tools >> Internet Options

Internet options IE 

2. Now under general tab, click the delete button to clear the browsing history.

clear Ie browsing history

then click ok button to exit this and restart the IE to check again if the password remember feature start working or not.

Autocomplete Working in IE ?

Autocomplete feature in IE suggest the possible possible matches for entries you type in the Address bar, a Web page form, or a user name or password box on a Web page. Make sure that the auto complete feature works.

Open IE, Go to Tools >> Internet Options and then navigate to content tab and make sure that under settings of autocomplete username and passwords on forms are checked.

Fix Autocomplete Feature in IE

How Differently Username and Password Remembered and Filled in IE

The password and username feature works quite differently, when you set IE to remember the username and password it will do it, but if on the login page of the website you haven’t checked remember me or remember me on this computer, IE will not auto fill the username and password, so as you type the username the autocomplete feature will start suggesting you remembered info to fill the same on the respective login page.

remembered info

IE Does Not Prompt To Remember Password For Some Websites

Not all the websites on internet support IE Auto complete or username password remember feature,  in such cases IE does not detect the login form in some webpages or it could be due to the reason because you said No when prompted to save your password for this username on this page or Administrator disabled AutoComplete in your browser using Group Policy in case you are using a pc in company or organization network.

Final Fix Reset Internet Explorer

If none of the above method work for you, there could be some thing wrong with Internet Explorer settings, so to fix it you need to reset your IE Settings completely or you can also fix in case your IE is crashing as well which might be responsible for this issue.


With the possible solutions above you can solve the problem when IE does not remember login credentials or when it does not prompt for the same on a webpage, but if it does not help then you can install the free global solution software which is called LastPass which works for all the popular browsers including IE, it will work as a addon in IE and will be more secure than IE username and password feature.

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