Increase Windows Copy, Move Operation Speed

When we copy or move some data in our system, the process is done at the maximum speed possible. Windows does not provide control over this speed resulting in the slower speed of our system which restricts me to do multi-tasking.

For example, if i want to play a game while a large amount of data is being transferred in the background, i would be happy if i can limit the copy speed so that CPU load can be distributed among multiple tasks.

For the solution of this problem, there is a freeware called UltraCopier which provides many features to customize the copy or move operations.

UltraCopier is a smart tool which includes various features like user-defined speed enhancement options, copy/move controllers, speed limitations, copy list searching, and most importantly pause/resume capability. It is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp.

After installation, it appears in the system tray with this icon.


You can explore its ‘options’ in the right-click menu. The tool is multi-lingual and comes in various styles which can be changed in the ‘Interface’ tab depending on your choice.

In the ‘Default options’ tab, you can limit the speed of copy/move in the ‘speed limit’ option. You can also set the tasks which system should do if there is some copy error or file collision in the same tab.


In the ‘Copy management’ tab, you can select the type of choice for the speed max to be a slider or direct value. It also provides the option of copying rights of copy.

It also provides the option of prioritizing your operation in the ‘Advanced’ option tab.


You can also define your copy or move operations in the option of ‘Add to copy’ or ‘Add to move’ option in the right-click menu saving the time of opening the folders from where you want to copy the data.


You can define many copy operations in one go and can switch to different task. You can also pause, resume, or skip the operation in between with the options provided. The status of the operation can be seen in the status bar.


The above explained options can also be changed in between the process in the same window in the ‘options’ tab. The error in the operation can be seen in the ‘Error and log’ tab.

With this tool in your system, it is very easy to keep CPU load for different tasks than copy/move operations.

Download UltraCopier

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