[How To] Install Free Games On Windows 8 PC, Laptop, Phone Or Tablet Quickly

Windows 8 is much different from the previous generation Windows because of many feature and also its user interface. One such feature is Marketplace or Windows Store which is something similar to what you see on smartphones and Mac OS etc. On the one hand, this concept makes it very easy and convenient to install new application and games, first time users who may have not used an online market place may get confused with it. So in this article, I will give you a quick step-by-step guide to install free games on Windows 8 tablets, PC, laptops or phones. The same tutorial is also valid for installing free apps or softwares which are listed on the Windows 8 store. There are many popular free games on Windows 8 store like Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope to name a few. Simply follow these easy steps to install free games on your Windows 8 PC, tablet, laptop, phone etc.

Step1: On the start screes on your Windows 8 PC, tablet, laptop or phone, locate the Store tile and open it.

Intall Free Games On Windows 8 (1)

Step2: On the store, click on Top free to locate free apps and games.

Intall Free Games On Windows 8 (2)

Step3: Browse through the free apps and locate free games. In this demo, we have located two popular games Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja. Click on the game tile which you want to install.

Intall Free Games On Windows 8 (3)

Step4: The above step will open the game options with ratings, details, etc. Click on the Install button to install the game or app. It will ask you to login to your Microsoft account like Hotmail or live account if you are not already signed in. In case you don’t have a Microsoft account already, you can register for a free Hotmail or Live account.

Intall Free Games On Windows 8 (4)

This is it and you will find a new tile for the game which says loading and it will install soon after the download is completed.

Intall Free Games On Windows 8 (5)

In same way you can install any number of games or apps from the Windows 8 store or Windows Store. We hope you find this tutorial easy to follow, do share it with your friends. Check out some more Windows 8 Tips and Tutorial by Trouble Fixers.

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