Install Windows 7 Inside Windows Vista or Windows XP Using Virtual PC


Did you notice a lot of buzz about Windows 7 , the latest operating system by Microsoft. The problem is that its still in beta phase, that means it is still under process of improvement and is not the final product yet. This operating system is designed to replace Windows Vista in long run. There are many new features and performance improvements in Windows 7 compared to Windows Vista. You can also try Windows 7, and you need not be a computer expert to do that.


In this post we will tell you an easy and convenient way to Install and Run windows 7 on your Windows XP or Windows Vista Computer, without formatting the hard disk or loosing any data. You can easily install and run it, and remove it anytime you like without affecting your currently running Windows Vista or Windows XP. Read on for full details.


In Continuation to our post on installing Windows XP inside Windows Vista, you can also use Virtual PC to Install Windows 7 on Windows Vista and Windows XP.


To do so, you will need about 2 GB RAM, and 16 GB of free space on your hard disk, no partitioning needed. You will also need Windows 7 DVD or ISO Image file, and a valid serial key of Windows 7 (Free beta version). Also you need to download and install Virtual PC, a free utility from Microsoft. If you got it all prepared, then see the following steps:


1. Install and run Virtual PC.

2. Create New Machine, name is Windows 7, allocate it 1GB of RAM and 16 GB of Virtual Drive space, which is needed for Windows 7 installation. For detailed steps, refer to this post, it tells detailed steps to create a virtual machine.

3. After this, run the Virtual Machine you created in step 2, and insert the Widows 7 DVD in tray or use the ISO image to start the installation as shown in image below:

4. This will start the setup as below:

5. Click on Install Now, select the language, time format etc. and press next.

6. On Next screen select custom setup.

7. In next step you will see the virtual drive that you created in 2 above, select the drive and click next.

8. Wait till it copies files and extracts them.

9. After this process, it will reboot the virtual machine.

10. Enter the Windows 7 Beta version serial number.

11. Set the time format, some other security settings and network settings that it asks for.

12. Select the update settings.

13. Select the username you want to keep.

14. Enter your password and computer name.

15. That is it, you are ready to try all new Windows 7 beta version without deleting your data or loosing partitions.


NOTE:  To make full use of windows 7 and make it run smooth, you should install Virtual Update Install Additions, steps available here.


In case you don’t want to keep it later, you can simply remove the virtual machine you created using the virtual PC, but that will also remove the files and settings inside your virtual machine, so take backup of your data from virtual machine before deleting the virtual machine.


  1. Hi…i have Windows 7 installed on my desktop. the problem I’m facing is that Windows Media Player hangs as soon as i try to play any video file. This seems to be codec independent issue, as each n every video file (be it .mpeg, .mp4, .avi) is resulting in this behaviour. Nothing changes after installation if K-Lite Win7 Beta certified Codec pack, and files still hang even when run on Media Player Classic.
    I’ve attempted reinstalling Windows 7 as well (it was a fresh installation), but to no avail. Google doesn’t have any clues 🙁
    My config is Pentium 4 530J (3Ghz), Intel D915GAV motherboard, ob-board video, 1GB RAM, 120GB SATA-I Seagate HDD.

  2. I got xvids and alike working by installing ffdshow tryouts. only just noticed this os has media center too. Things that didnt work well in vista work fine in 7!

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