[Fix] iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Because An Unknown Error Occurred

Apple iTunes can behave very weird every now and then specially on a Windows PC. I have an iPhone which is over 2 years old and I have synced the same with my Windows 7 PC. I have jailbroken my iPhone and it maybe one of the reasons why sometimes it behaves weird while syncing with the PC. But recently I received a very different error message which I have usually not encountered in past two years with my iPhone 3GS. Recently I got an error message which says “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000065)”. I did an extensive research on the same on the Internet to find out whether this is a common problem or a new one. In this article, I share some of these solutions and my experience with it. This solution is applicable to iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPod Touch

iTunes Error

Possible Reasons For “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone” Error

iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone

Some of the most common reasons for the error – “iTunes could not connect to this phone because an unknown error occurred ” include:

Faulty iPhone Data Cable

Its not always the fault of the data cable, but if you don’t take much care of the data cable and the ends of the cable are worn our because of long or rough usage, it maybe on of the possible reasons for the iPhone connections being disrupted with computer. Try another data cable if you have a spare one or just borrow one form a friend just to check if the cable is faulty.

Alternatively if you feel that there is dust collected on the end of the data cable or the iPhone post where you connect the data cable, take a soft dry cloth and try to wipe off the dust gently. Beware – Do Not Use Wet Cloth.

Bad USB Port or USB Post Problem

Since iPhone does draw some power from the USB port of your computer,  if you connect your iPhone to a USB hub with many other USB devices, chances are that there maybe insufficient voltage or disturbance in connection because of other USB devices or USB hubs in between. Try removing unused USB devices from your PC and change the USB port of the iPhone cable. If possible, connect directly without using an external USB Hub. Changing the USB port may sometimes solve the problem.

Outdated or Corrupt iTunes Software

Sometimes the cable, USB port etc. are all fine and the problem lies at the software level. The iTunes software may get corrupt or may get outdated when the newer firmware and features are being added to the iPhone. Download and install iTunes from official page here. This may solve the problem in some cases. Take a backup of your iTunes data before you install a newer version.

Lockdown Folder for iTunes

Bad lockdown folder for iTunes can also cause this problem, you can delete the existing lockdown folder and it will be created again when the iPhone is connected. The Lockdown folder for iTunes is located at these paths –

For Windows XP Path is- C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Apple

For Windows 7 and Windows Vista – C:\ProgramData\Apple

For Mac OS – /var/db/lockdown


One of these methods will resolve the problem in most of the cases. If the problem still remains and you still get the “iTunes could not connect to this phone ” error of some kind, try backing up your iPhone on some other computer.

We hope it solves your problem, please do share your comments and suggestions below.

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