[Fixed] iTunes Unknown Error 0xE8000012 In Windows

iTunes is a media player and synchronization client from Apple which works on Windows and Mac OS. It is slightly resource heavy and does not work too well on computers with too slow processors or too low RAM as it does use the computer resources. Besides being a relatively heavy on resources, iTunes can though really frustrating and confusing errors at times. These errors usually come with an error code which makes identifying the problem relatively easier, but for a layman user who is not too versed with computer troubleshooting, it does create problems. In this article, I will discuss the solution to one of these iTunes related problem which is faced by many users after a re-install of Windows or iTunes etc. This problem has been submitted by one of our readers:

I have a problem, when I want to sync my iPad to iTunes,  it says iTunes could not connect to this iPad because an unknown error occurred 0xe8000012

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How To Fix iTunes 0xE8000012 Error In Windows

Step 1: First of all, save all your work, close all programs and restart your computer

Step 2: After restart, Open My Computer / Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View and select the option to “Show hidden files, folders and drives” and click Ok.

Show Hidden Files

Step 3: Go to C:/ProgramData/Apple folder. (substitute c drive with OS drive in case Windows not installed on c drive). Here you will find a folder named Lockdown. Simply delete this folder and restart the computer again.

Lockdown folder

After restart, the problem will be resolved. Check out some more troubleshooting tips by Trouble Fixers.


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