[Troubleshoot] Keyboard Not Working Properly With Computer

One of our readers shared a problem with us mentioning that keyboard of his computer stops working or sometime does not work right after logging into windows. This is not a very common problem, but does creep up in case of some typical scenarios. In this article, I will share some of the common reason to troubleshoot the problem behind non-functional or problem where the keyboard stops working.


Keyboard Faulty

Many a times the problem is related to hardware only and not related to software. Keyboards tend to get faulty after prolonged use, so if your keyboard is too much used, try to attach it to some other computer and see if it works there? If it doesn’t work properly on other computers as well, then you need to get a new keyboard.

LAN / Network Related Conflicts

It may sound crazy, but bad LAN drivers may also cause interruption with functioning of Keyboard. To resolve this, try boot the computer in safe mode and try to re-install the LAN drivers.

If it does not work, disconnect LAN cable, and download the LAN drivers on some other computer, transfer it to the faulty computer and try install it on the faulty PC. After a re-start, things may get back to normal.

Legacy USB In BIOS

Many users have reported on forums, that enabling Legacy USB support in BIOS can also resolve the problem of Keyboard becoming unresponsive.

Update Drivers

It is a good idea to update the drivers of the chipset, motherboard and also drivers for your keyboard or mouse (if needed). Outdated or corrupted drivers cause hardware to malfunction.

USB Hub Problem

If you are using a USB hub, it may also cause interruptions in normal working of the keyboard, it’s advisable to connect the keyboard directly to the USB port rather than attaching it to a USB hub.

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