Know What Is Wrong With Your Faulty Computer | Know The Meaning Of Beep Codes Of Faulty Computer


When computer go faulty and refuse to start up, they usually go bad because of some hardware problem. Many such times you listen to a particular pattern of beeps when you power on the computer. If you listen carefully, you will get to observe a typical pattern in the beep you hear.


In case of a normal computer start up or booting, there is usually one or two beeps which tell that the hardware is working fine and the computer starts normally. In case your computer does not boot normally and gives some typical beep pattern, you can refer to this article :

No Beep At Start up


In this article we will share a useful utility which will help you understand what is wrong with your computer.


Beeping Bios Codes is a useful utility by Brad G which tells the meaning of the common Beep Codes for different motherboards and also tells you what is wrong with your computer and how you can correct it. Isn’t it really useful. See a snapshot below:


You may not be able to do soldering on your motherboard, but at least you know what the problem is, and may solve simple problems by resetting some BIOS settings, or replacing BIOS battery and other such things. Hope you find this utility handy and useful.

[Download Beeping BIOS codes]

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