What To Do When Laptop Battery Backup Degrades Too Bad

If you have used a laptop for around 2 or more years, you must have noticed that the battery drains too facts and the battery backup has fallen drastically from the initial levels when the laptop battery was new. This generally happens because of multiple reasons, the major two reasons being– more load on old laptop computers and degraded performance because of age of battery. Let me talk about both these factors briefly – When I say more load on computer, I mean that older computers tend to have more softwares installed with time and hence are more loaded with applications which keep running in background, this does increase the CPU usage and hence battery usage. The second factor is the degraded performance because of age of battery. Most batteries have a life span of certain re-charge cycles, which can be any number typically 500 to 1000 after which the performance degrades.


Laptop Battery Troubles

Now if you have an old laptop computer with a too bad battery life, here are few things you can do to get the best of the battery life from the laptop computer.

Reduce Power Consumption: If you have too many USB devices like a USB hard drive, external or internal optical drives etc. or phones charging though the laptop, we would recommend to remove them from the laptop whenever its not needed. Also you can reduce power consumption by smartly removing unnecessary application from startup which tend to load the computer which increases battery consumption. Here are few tips to reduce startup applications, this will also improve the speed of the laptop.

Improve Ventilation and Heat Dissipation: If you can get your laptop serviced from an authorized person so that the dust accumulated on the insides can be cleaned, it will improve the heat dissipation and will reduce the battery consumption to some extent by putting less load on cooling fans. You can also use a laptop base which allows better air flow so that the laptop remains cool. Do not place the laptop on cloth or bed surfaces as it blocks the air vents at the bottom in most laptop and the fans have to work harder and they consume more battery and pick up more dust.

Calibrate Battery and Run Some Diagnostics: In case the battery is working bad because bad calibration, you should do a re-calibration more details on battery calibration here. Also you can run some diagnostics to check how well is the state of laptop battery and decide on whether you need to replace the battery or continue using it.

Quick Tip: Laptop Batteries are usually quite expansive and by spending some more money, you can get a laptop these days, so consider the price of the battery against a new entry level laptop price before you make a decision to purchase a new battery, you might get a new laptop by selling the old laptop and adding the money you were willing to pay for a new battery.

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