Limit Firefox From Using Too Much Disk Space For Browser Cache

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used Internet browsers and is available across many platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android etc. One of the major problems with Firefox on Windows is that it is very resource intensive at times, especially notorious for high RAM usage which has improved in the recent versions of the Firefox. We have already shared some tips on reducing RAM usage in our previous tutorial on  – Stop Firefox From Using High Amount Of RAM. In this article, I address another issue which bothers the users who have limited disk space on their OS drive. Firefox tends to use high amount of space on the disk for browser cache which is used for improved browsing performance, but if you are facing low disk space on the OS drive, freeing up some of the cache space and preventing the Firefox from using too much space will help save the scarce disk space.



Simply follow these steps to limit or prevent high usage of disk space by Firefox for creating browser Cache:

Step 1: Launch Firefox browser. Press the Alt button on the Keyboard to show Tools menu and click on Tools > Options.

Firefox Options

Step 2:  On Options Window, click on Advanced > Network. Here you will find options for Cached Web Content. Here you can click on  the Clear Now button to clear the existing cache. It will also show you how much of disk space is allocated on your PC for the web cache. You can continue to leave it like that if you feel that amount is not bothering you, but if you feel that usage is higher than you would like to allow, you can simply set a limit. In the example below, the cache space is 904 MB which I feel is bit high.

Firefox Network Options

Step 3: To set a limit, click on the checkbox which says “Override automatic cache management” and set a limit. In the option which says “Limit the cache to” you can set a limit you would like to allow, in the below example I have set a limit of 500 MB, you can set a different value as per your needs.

Override Cache Settings In Firefox

After you set that limit just press OK. This is it, hope you find it useful, do share it with your friends. Also check out some more Firefox Tips and Tutorials by Trouble Fixers.

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