[Solved] Find Missing Folder Options in Windows 8

One of our reader who recently switched from windows 7 to windows 8 asked us a very simple but really relevant question, that how can he access the windows folder options in windows 8 and the reason for this question is just windows 8 has got the new Modern UI in new windows 8, the old and gold windows explorer has also been tweaked to look different, its now offers several options and its longer the simple plain interface which many windows users are used and like the same.


The new windows 8 explorer has got new ribbons which provide some handy features but again on the other hand it requires more clicks to even reach the basic options like changing view of folders, similarly those who were used to access the folder options in windows 8 now are clueless where it has gone as its no longer reachable through file menu even if you press Alt key.


Open Folder Options in Windows 8 Explorer

In order to open folder options in windows 8, you first need to click the view tab and then you need to access the folder options settings on the extreme right top through options as shown in the image below.



More than the innovative new features which windows 8 offers some times it does makes things more annoying for existing windows users who are trying to upgrade to windows 8, but it looks like users on the knowledge side needs to upgrade when it comes to using the new windows 8.

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