Login problem on Windows xp due to mscd.exe


Recently we received a mail from one of our readers having some login issues with windows xp due to a file named mscd.exe ,so when ever he tries to login an error message pops up saying “error loading mscd.exe”

So what is mscd.exe ?
mscd.exe is basically a spyware or adware which infects your system in the following fashion:

  • Installs programs.
  • Deletes programs.
  • Registers Browser Help Objects.
  • Creates Run Once Keys.
  • Runs other programs.
  • Creates known malware.
  • Creates copies of itself.

If you are able to login into your PC, update your anti-virus definitions and then run a full virus scan on your PC. This may help fix the problem. But if this does not help, then back up all your important data on some DVD or any other external device. Format your system completely and re-install Windows on your machine.
Tip: To avoid so much inconvenience make sure you install proper anti-virus software and keep it updated regularly.

To know more about mscd.exe see more about mscd.exe


  1. Hi
    i want to tell one question about my great problem which has accured in my computer system

    please see and tell me actual solution.

    when i lon on the computer in that time the system is very slow and i also removed startup item from the autorun tools and other auxilaries accessories

    please sent report soon what should be best answer to solve that problem


  2. -I am not able to connect to Microsoft Updates.

    -Firewall is disabled at startup as well as Background Service.

    -I have norton 360, it says that it can not delete a virus called Metajuan.

    -I can not update norton live update due to unknown reasons.

    -Found my DNS changed and changed it back to etc…

    -I can not seem to get rid of whatever is in my system.

    -Plz help.

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