Lost Phone Number Of Friend – Find Contact Numbers Without Asking Anyone

There are times when you may forget or lost the contact number or phone number of a friend from facebook, now you don’t want to feel embraced by asking him through some other way or any of your other friends who may have that contact or phone number. For some people they actually lose all contacts when they lost their phone altogether.


If some thing similar happen with you, there are still chances to retrieve the phone number without asking some other person or same person through some other way. I realized this last time, when I needed to call one of my friend but the phone I was using did not had my phone book number and I did not remember the phone number as that time.

Ways To Retrieve Lost Contact Number

Following are some ways listed with which you can get back the contact number which you have lost for some reason.

Search Number in Last Contact Backup File

The best way to find the number in such case, is to check the phone contacts backup if you had previously taken and stored it some where on your PC or online. You can get the lost contact number this way from the last phone contacts backup

Search Facebook, Linkedin For The Lost Contact Number

Its very possible that the person whose contact number you have lost is also connected to you via social networking website like Facebook, Linkedin and others. In such cases you can possibly get back the contact number of that friend by visiting his profile on facebook and go to the about page to look for the number. [Provided he or she has updated the same on facebook] – for example as shown in the image below.

Find Friend Contact Number On Facebook

In order to find this number, you will need to go to friend profile and then navigate to the about section to see the contact info.

Find a Contact Phone Number on Linkedin

Similarly you can find the person on Linkedin and see his or her profile, you have more chances to see the phone number in this case as shown in the image below. You will need to look for the personal contact information it is mentioned on the profile page.

Find Friend Contact Number On Linkedin

Similarly you can search for the friend contact number on other social network like google+ or on other social network website on which you are connected to the person.  At last if none of the above ways work in your case then you can try calling your friends or connect directly person some other to get the phone number again.

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