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Temporary file are usually created when you work on any application or while you browse on web. These temporary junk files not only occupies your hard disk but even degrades the performance of your system. So you must be aware that their are various system cleaning utilities available over web and we have timely informed about some of the best which we encountered like CCleaner, PureRa, Quick Clean, System Cleaner etc.

But if you are still little bit unsatisfied with these utilities then today we are going to tell you about a better alternative which we recently found named System Tweaks. It is a complete package for maintaining your system and is integrated with various tool like Process Manager, Virtual Drive Manager, System/Registry Cleaner, Advance run etc.

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At the main Window, five option are available and they are Customize, Maintain, Clean, Protection and Utilities. The functionality of each option is as follows.

Customize:- This option allows you customize the settings and appearance of your Start Menu, Control Panel, Desktop and Explorer. You will need to click on any of then and then under each option various options are available which can help you in customizing it with desired settings more easily.

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Maintain:- Under this option, you will find three features i.e Performance Tweak, Visual Effects and Speed Optimizer. From performance tweak you can stop all those windows services which automatically start as you start your system. Some of them are unnecessary and they run in background and not only consumes the memory but even degrades the performance of your system.

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Visual effects option will allow you to turn off some of those visual effects which you doesn’t require much. All the Visual effects which are generally integrated with Windows Vista and Windows 7 consumes unnecessary memory and slows your processing speed. So using this option you can sacrifice some of them to optimize your system’s performance.

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Last option is Speed optimizer. Use this option to temporary speed us your computer while playing games. It is very annoying when your game hangs due to slow speed of your system. So you can enjoy your gaming by using this option which will temporary turn off some of unnecessary services.

Clean:- This option will help you in scanning all the temporary junk files in your system and once it finishes analyzing, click on Clean and then all the temporary files will automatically remove from your system. The best part of this tool is that this option runs really fast in this tool as compared to other system maintenance software.

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System Protector:- This tool will even allow you to scan all the malware, spyware and other virus infections in your system. It even scans for most dangerous Trojan virus. Hence this tool will even ensure the protection of your system. This tool only scans some of particular files and it hardly take one minute to scan for all these infections.

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Utilities:- This is the last option on the main window. This option further contains 4 options i.e Advanced Run, Virtual Drive, Batch Copy and Process Explorer. All these option have a unique utility and you will find all these very handy for your daily requirements.

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And finally after clicking on Settings from the main window, you can even add a password to this tool so that no one can use it without your permission. You can even tick on options like Always on top, Pin in taskbar, Auto run at start-up etc.

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The size of System Tweaks is 490 Kb and it will pin itself in start menu from where you can access this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download System Tweaks

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