Make Twitter Password Reset Settings more Secure to Fight a Hacking Attempt

Twitter is another time killer service on web just like other services like facebook, google plus and more but in comparison twitter is much more sensible way to spend time, as you get to read about people views and get latest real time information which increase your knowledge, as per me I follow people for views not because they look good or they post great videos or photos on their timeline.

Coming to the point security is rather weakly handled by default on twitter for any account, in case someone on twitter forgets the password for his or her account, they can easily report the same and then change the password just by knowing the username and link to the page where you can set new password will be emailed to the email id which is associated to the twitter account.

Forgot Password Twitter

This is actually not a good thing as in my case, I was the early adopter of twitter so I have a twitter account username which many others with the same name, because of this I get a lot of emails on a daily basis when other try to reset my twitter account password just by typing the username.

Twitter Account Password Reset Request

If something similar is happening to you, you can make your twitter account more secure by adjusting the forgot password related settings.

Make Twitter Account Password Reset More Secure

To make twitter account more secure, you will need to login in to twitter and then go to twitter account settings.

Twitter Account Setting

Scroll down at this page to locate the setting which says Require personal information to reset my password, check this option.

Password Reset Options Twitter

This way you can make sure that to reset your twitter account password you are supposed to enter email id or phone number so that no one else who don’t have this information cannot request to reset your account password. 

twitter save chnages

Please Note: You will need to enter your twitter account password once, you click the save changes button when you make this change under your twitter account.

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