Backup, Restore, Move or Transfer Mozilla Firefox Profile On Same or Between Different Computers Across Different OS

As we all know that Mozilla’s Firefox browser comes with the inbuilt Firefox profile manager, but now Mozilla has planned to remove that retire that built in profile manager and replace the profile manager with an external software called Profile Manager. The software is available as a freeware for download from Mozilla for all the platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac. The software is also compatible with many other software applications like Mozilla Thunderbird and Seamonkey based on XULRunner and can be also be used by these software’s to manage profiles. The profile manager is used by the Mozilla Firefox users to manage and run multiple user profiles on same computers.

The software is useful for the users who want to keep their work and home browsing separate and also in case there are multiple users using the same computer and same browser. The new standalone Profile Manager form Mozilla to manage the Firefox profile is a huge improvement over the built in version of the application in the browser.

profilemanager 1

This is the first window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The software doesn’t require installation and will run directly from the exe file which you will get after extracting the ZIP file. When the software opens up it has the default profile selected in it and the default version of the Firefox is also selected for which the profile will be made. The software also gives you many options like you can either run the Firefox with the selected profile or you can also run the Firefox browser with a temporary profile which will get deleted after the browser is closed. The software also gives you many more options like Run Firefox in offline mode which will run Firefox without internet connection. Run Firefox in safe mode will open the browser with add-ons, settings and themes. Start Firefox with a console option will load the console with Firefox. Start new instance option is used to run  two different instances of Firefox with different user profiles.

profilemanager 2

The above window will open when you will click on the New button on the top left hand corner. It will give you the option to create a new profile for any version of Firefox that you have installed in your system which can also be chosen using the Version dropdown.

profilemanager 3

The Copy Profile option will give you an option to copy a profile from an existing profile to create a new one.

profilemanager 4

The application also has a Delete option to give you an option to delete any profile that you have created. The Backup option has two options Backup to and Backup from and each of these two option has two options i.e. backup folder and archive.

profilemanager 5

The Application Versions window will open when you will click on the Manage Firefox Versions button which will give you an option to add the Firefox version so that you can manage two different Firefox version on your system.

Download Mozilla Profile Manager

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