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There is always an uncertainty regarding the complete knowledge of softwares and programs being running on our system. You cannot even estimate that how any small processes start, when you logon to your windows and that’s why many a times you are unable to recognize the reason behind the slow startup of your computer. Today, I will be reviewing a tool which will help to discover everything regarding the softwares in your system and the name of this tool is System Nucleus.

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This tool will tell you about the processes that are currently running on your system, it will enlist you the application which have been installed by you or if they have been installed by any other application. It will also tell you about you system configuration and the status of the drivers of all the devices attached to your system. In short I would say that you will not have go to run command or to the properties to look for the required information instead you will get everything in this tool itself.

You can create the backup and restore points using this tool, while preparing backup this tool will allow you to select the required files on the basis of their registries, applications and drivers installed on your system. You can see all the restore points already created and can create a new one. It can also display every information regarding the drives and volumes of your hard disk. It will provide you the name, the type (removable, fixed or secondary), the file system and the drives from your system boots. It can also show you  the list of all the startup programs under ‘Startups’ tab.

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Under the ‘system configuration’ tab, you can see the device manager window and under ‘services’ tab you can the the services which has been started or stopped in your system, it can also be checked by typing ‘Services.msc’ in run command window but that whole list can be seen under this tool. You can also see the list of all the programs installed and the processes related to these programs running on your system under ‘Programs’ and ‘Processes’ tab.

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All the above mentioned features not only enlist the information regarding your system, but they also allow you to make any amendment as per your convenience. Example:- you can uninstall any program from the list of all the available programs, you can also stop any process or can start any service under ‘Processes’ and ‘services’ tab respectively.

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This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. The size of this tool is around 4 Mb and this tool is portable also.

Download System Nucleus

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