Microsoft Office 2007 Documents Do Not Open In Office 2003


One of our readers sent a problem that he is not able to open Microsoft office files with extensions “.docx” – Word Document , “.xlsx” – MS excel file and “.pptx” – Powerpoint presentations.


This is a common problem with many users who use MS office versions which are older than MS office 2007. The documents saved by the new office software are not backward compatible directly. But there is a very useful and easy add-on available from Microsoft itself.


Also we will tell you a workaround to save your documents in such a way that will open it on any computer with older version of Microsoft office.


Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack


There is a compatibility pack which lets you open the newer MS office documents with extensions .docx , .xlsx and .pptx with the older versions of MS Office 2000, Office XP, or Office 2003. You will also be able to open, edit, and save files using the file formats new to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007. You simply need to download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack and install it on your computer which has the older version of MS office.


Fool-proof Method : Save Files In Compatible Format



You can install this compatibility pack in your computer, but if you need to send your document to a client or a friend or anyone else who does not have this compatibility pack, then you will still be in trouble. To avoid such trouble we give you a very useful tip, because we always believe “Prevention is better than cure”.


We will tell you how you can save the documents in older formats which will open the documents with the new as well as old versions of MS office, without any problem.

To save it in compatible format, simply click on the circular office logo at the top left corner of MS word / or Excel or PowerPoint > click on Save As arrow > and select the MS office 97-2003 compatible version as shown in images below.




Hope you find it useful, in case you have some problems or suggestions, please leave comment below.


  1. In my pen drive i have copyed some videos which is 2gb,but in one system iam able to see,but in other system iam not able to see that videos,but in pendrive space is showing 2gb only.I also cheaked show hidden files also,but it is not showing that videos.What may be the problem &What is the solution.

  2. Dear Troublefixers Team,
    The problem is on reverse side too. now if in some pc MS 2007 is installed and the if we want to download the OFFICE file which may prepared in older version of OFFICE, then how to open it?

  3. For work with outlook files advise use-docx repair,tool is free,it helped me many times,utility repairing .docx files and repaire docx document should not be a problem,if you have at least one copy of your *.doc document on corporate file server or somewhere else,tool for repair .docx files allows the user to recover corrupted files in .doc, .docx, .dot and dotx format, as well as *.rtf (Rich Text format),program allows to repair a docx file, repair .docx document, repair .docx damaged files and repair corrupted docx files,it can open your document in Microsoft Word format and attempt to recover any damaged file.

  4. How to Restore My Ms Office Ducoment!
    When i try to save it,it accidentally Error and it was on my USB i forgot to put the file outside!

  5. I am having a problem after installing fileformat convertor. only one user profile in not able to access the excel file. rest is able to do open xslx after installation of convertor.

  6. Hi

    yes i have installed compablity software on the system and now i can open that file but when i login with user id on the system again i am facing the same issue

    so can u tell me how to give the access to user id for that software

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