Microsoft Office Key Invalid Error While Installing Office 2010

Are you facing trouble in installing Microsoft Office on your Windows PC or Mac? There is one common error faced by any users which is “Invalid product key error” while installing MS Office. In this article, we share with your some simple steps on how to deal with such problem.

MS Office 2010

First of all, before starting the trouble-shooting, we recommend that you carefully read the key and tally it again while you enter it during installation. Many a times, its just a slip of finger on the keyboard or a bad keyboard which misses or mis-types a key while you are entering the long product key while installation. If it still doesn’t work, there can be many reasons why the key is not working. Lets look at these problems and find out the solutions.

Locate the key

First things first, you must first get the correct key, for that you need to look at the correct place. For a physical box of MS office which you purchased, you must have the key written inside the box on a sticker.

If you purchased it online, then the key must have been given to you via email or in a file downloaded with the software. In case you purchased the license online later after trying out a trial versions, then it must be in your online account.

If the MS office was pre-installed on your PC, the key might be written on a sticker on your PC or laptop also. You can also contact your computer vendor in such case.

Entering the Key during installation

While installing or activating the product after installation, you must enter the key in proper format in which it is asked for. Depending on whether it is an upgrade, new-install or a trial to full version activation, the process may vary slightly, but the way is quite simple and clear.

Validation Not Working

If the validation fails when you enter the key, there maybe multiple reasons behind it. In case the key has already been used on some other PC, or the key is not valid for the version on which you are trying to install it. In case you get repeated errors, its recommended that you call up the customer helpline number of Microsoft office provided to you on the box or online in the support page.

We hope the above tips will help you troubleshoot the installation issues with the MS office 2010. If you have queries or suggestions, pleas share them in the comment section below.

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