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Many a times, we need to take the snapshot of our computer screen for different purposes. Most of us usually use ‘Print Scrn’ key to capture the full screen and then edit the required part which is a tedious and time consuming method.

In solution to this, there is a freeware called SliQ which allows you to capture not only the desktop but also images of current window or certain regions.

SliQ is a simple and smart application which lets you quickly and easily take screenshots and save them to disk. It is a real time saver for the people who needs to take snapshot on regular basis. It is compatible with windws 7, vista and xp.

It is downloaded in the form of exe file so, can be installed in just a few minutes. After installation, the main window will appear with simple interface and few options.


This tool provides mainly 3 options of capturing the screen. The options are present in the form of icons on the main window. By using the first option of capturing ‘Foreground window’, you can capture an image of the current application.


which will show the image like this:


It also allows you to capture the entire desktop with the option marked below.


You can also capture a region by dragging and releasing the mouse with the option present.


It also provides certain options with the help of which you can click the image either in PNG, BMP or JPG format depending on your requirement.


This tool also provides the option of opening the clicked image in the desired editor which may be mspaint, Windows photo viewer and any other. You can set the editor in the option of ‘Configure Viewer Program’ in the ‘Options’.

You can also choose the default editor which is Windows photo viewer.


You can also directly save the clicked image (without editing) either in the clipboard or at the desired location by choosing the options of ‘Save File As’ and ‘Save to clipboard’ respectively.

By choosing either of these options, you can skip the edit viewer and your image will be saved directly.


It also provides the option of minimizing it to tray so that you can use it simply from the tray whenever required without opening any folder.

In short, it is a tiny application but of great use. This tool is free for only 30 days trial. After that you have to purchase it.

Download SliQ

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