Naevius Free USB Antivirus – Protection Against Virus Infection via USB Storage Device


It is quite common these days when your computer may get infected with a virus or trojan from the portable storage devices like pen drive, mp3 players and other USB storage devices. All these devices which includes USB Flash drive, removable hard disk, Memory card, SD, MicroSD, MMC, USB Camera, USB Audio player, Mobile phone, iPod, Iphone etc.

Naevius USB Antivirus can protect your computer your computer fro all these different viruses which come from these USB storage devices


This small antivirus is completely free and easy to use and does not uses much CPU memory. As compared to other anti viruses you don’t need to update this antivirus program


It will automatically detect and delete any anti virus found on your flash drive connected as shown in the image above.

Download Naevius USB Antivirus


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