New Shortcut Wizard Does Not Start or Option Missing in Windows Vista


Today I would like to share a trouble which I was experiencing for a long time by now in windows vista.


This problem occurs when ever I right click on my desktop to create a new shortcut by Right Click, New >> Shortcut ( as shown in the image below )



But after select shortcut nothing happens except for the mouse pointer changing to an hour-glass or a waiting circle for sometime.


Let’s see how can we fix this trouble


The main reason behind this trouble is missing or incorrect registry entries, in the following registry path


In order to fix it, You need to merge the registry fix for link association in windows. Download the Registry Fix from the link given below and double click to merge it into the system registry.


[ Download Registry Fix for Link Association (.lnk) ]

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  1. hello rohit,
    wat can u sugggest if iam in a dilama to install wether xp2 or vista. if u dont mine i want to chat wid u personally so plz can u send u r email id or plz add my id

  2. Author


    If your computer has good graphics card and at-least 1GB RAM, the go for Vista, else Windows XP will be a better choice.

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