Norton 360 Multi-Device Review And Giveaway– Win 5 Multi-Product Licenses Worth Rs. 24995 [Winners Announced]

Security is one thing which bothers most of the computer users these days be it online or offline security of their computers, laptops or smartphones. In this article we will share a detailed review of most popular security software, Norton 360  Multi-Device edition. We will also be giving away 5 licenses of Norton 360 Multi-Device for up to 5 devices worth Rs. 4999 each with a total worth of Rs. 24995. These licenses are sponsored by Norton India and you can purchase them without this giveaway contest directly from their official website here.

Starting with the platforms supported by Norton 360, it supports Windows starting from Windows XP to Windows 8 and all the versions in between. It also supports MAC OS and Android Phones and tablets as well. With each of these multi-product license, you can secure up to 5 devices running on any of these platforms, so it is actually a holistic security product. In our testing, we did a thorough feature testing on Windows PC. We share below the review and the contest rules and details are towards the end of the review, read on.

Norton 360 Premier Edition Review and Giveaway (2)

The main interface of the Norton 360 is quite simple and clean which makes it very easy to use and understand. These is no clutter in features or design of the front window. It has been broadly broken in 4 main features which are:

  • Security
  • Identity
  • Backup
  • Tuneup

We will talk about each of them in detail in the sections below. Apart from this, in navigation menu, you get additional options like Tasks, Settings, Performance, Feedback, account and support. There are also some options on the right hand side which are Manage, Mobile, Online Family and Safe web which are some additional security feature built into the Norton 360 Multi-Device.

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The performance section shows you how much of computer’s resources are in use and by what all tasks. Also it gives you a clean indication on how much resources are being used by Norton software.

Norton 360 Premier Edition Review and Giveaway (16)

Tasks screen is another welcome addition to the  Multi-Device. From this screen, you can access all important functions like running scans, backups, tuneups, network related security tasks etc.

Norton 360 Premier Edition Review and Giveaway (15)

Security Options

Norton 360 Premier Edition Review and Giveaway (14)

Under security options, you get features like running scans, virus definition updates, Firewall management and insight scans.

Norton 360 Premier Edition Review and Giveaway (6)

In scans you can run normal disk scans, quick or custom scans for certain folders or drives.

Norton 360 Premier Edition Review and Giveaway (4)

Norton 360 Premier Edition Review and Giveaway (3)

There is also a Facebook scan which allows for scanning Facebook wall posts scanning using Norton Safe Web FB app. You can also set this app to run a daily scan of your Facebook account.

Norton 360 Premier Edition Review and Giveaway (5)

Identity Settings

Identity theft is a major threat in the online space which includes theft of login information which can cause financial or other form of damages. To prevent the same, the identity safe feature of Norton 360 helps in managing your logins in a safe way and prevent any phishing attacks on your accounts.

Norton 360 Premier Edition Review and Giveaway (13)

Backup Settings

Under backup, you can use the online cloud based solutions which are a part of this product to save your important data and files which are crucial to you. Since this is a cloud based backup system, it will not only keep a backup of it, it will also enable you to access the files securely around the world using your Norton account.

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Tuneup Settings

Last but not the least, PC tuneup helps to greatly improve the performance of your Windows PC by running file cleanup, disk optimization, removing unnecessary apps from startup which all leads in a faster and smoother performance.

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You can configure all these functions under settings where these are arranged in a very easy to use manner in groups.

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When you start using Norton, you can create an online account where you can manage all your Norton related products and services. The account screen on the software gives you a quick access to all these features and options.

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You can also access online or phone support with this products and sort out any problems which you are facing.

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In conclusion, if you want an effective all-round security solution which can give you peace of mind, you can opt for Norton 360  Multi-Device edition. You can stand a chance to win a Multi-Device license by entering the contest below:

Norton 360 Multi-Device Giveaway – 5 Licenses Worth Rs. 4999 (For up to 5 Devices each) Each [India Only]

a Rafflecopter giveaway


1. This giveaway is available for people living within India only. As we have boxed products which will be sent via snail mail and can be distributed inside India only as per the product license restrictions.

2. The giveaway will be open until 31st of March 2013. At the end of the giveaway, 5 winners will be selected from among the participants.

3. Licenses will be shipped in boxes provided by Norton after the announcement of results, the list of winners will be declared at the end of this article only.

4. These products can be purchased from Norton’s official website anytime without this giveaway offer.

Good Luck!

Updated on 4th April 2013

Congratulations to the winners. We will contact the winners by email to get their shipping address for the prizes.


  1. I like that its overall great package for security and low on system resources. almost like a set it and forget it program which works tirelessly in the background.

  2. I like norton fast installation and parental control feature this very strong feature in norton comparison with other and i also like all feature of the norton thanks for giveaway i hope i will win this i would like to say this norton should be provide some skins which make change the default themes for good looking
    count me in thanks

  3. I have used Norton Products before and was very happy with their easy to use and intuitive UI. The feature I liked the most was Identity settings. Our online identity has almost become our Persona in real life. If someone manages to get at out account, then we would be at a great loss. I would like future versions of Norton to contain seamless integration across devices. I would like to initiate scans on my PC/backup data/lock it, from my smartphone, when I’m away from home. This would be a cool feature as it allows control of all devices under one roof(screen? 🙂 ).

  4. I like Norton 360 Multi-Device Because, I don’t need to purchase any separate license for my any other devices.
    Thanks for Giveaway.

  5. I like the overall package. But like to see it takes much more low of system resources.Please count me in.

  6. Again a very best..and a giant in security technology review is here, as everytime I take part and talk about Norton..and this time also I will definitely say Norton is again BEST.. In terms of detection of files, using identity safe for keeping all logins saved.. it helps in day to day life, I scan my portable hard disk and mobile also.. backup my office files to Norton backup.. it is really a blessing.. never faced any performance issue.. smooth as butter.. I wish I could win a copy of this.. NORTON IS BEST>>!!

  7. Hi everybody, once again Norton giveaway. this is awesome. I like the previous version of Norton 360 and now here it is again. I was waiting desperately. thanks. I like Norton’s superior performance and it’s looks that is usability, never faced any virus issue on my laptop and office pc. thanks to trouble fixers.


  9. I have been waiting for this giveaway. My system running slow, might be because of virus/threats. Using trial AVG, however i have used Norton and till that time it was there in my system, my system was fast and smooth. It means it was fast and smooth. There was no performance impact.

  10. Thanks for such amazing giveaway. I love norton products. They have got considerably light and fast after 2009 versions. Hope to win this. Thanks

  11. Q : – Leave a comment on which feature you like the most and any features you want in future version of Norton 360.?

    Ans:- Norton 360 full feature software Check Vulnerability Protection i Like most.i have no idea for future features.

  12. Its a nice package of Norton 360 Multi-Device.Norton is good anti-virus software because it is easy to use and don’t consume lot of resource.

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