[Fixed] Not Able To Install or Uninstall Programs In Safe Mode

Recently I shared with you some tips on what to do when Windows computer gets Stuck at blank screen in which I suggested some solutions including uninstalling any suspicious program from the computer in safe mode. Interestingly, I got my hands on the same computer again when my friend brought it to me for help. I tried to uninstall some programs but I got an error saying:

Windows Installer Service not running

When I tried to manually start the service in the services.msc, I got an error saying that this service is disabled in safe mode. Now this is quite weird because if one can not make any changes to the programs in Safe mode, its purpose is partially defeated.

After doing some search, I came across a solution to the same using a very easy to use tool Windowstpro.com which is a very simple tool to enable installer service in safe mode. Its called the SafeMSI.exe and I used it on the computer to enable the installer service. It does not require to be installed and there is no UI except for the message that pops up when you run it. The message tells you about the Installer service being started.

Safe more Windows installer service enabled

After the installer service gets enabled, you can normally install or uninstall programs in Safe mode. This allows you to remove potentially unsafe programs and install anti-malware tools and other security tools and run a full scan on the computer to remove any infections which might have been the root cause behind preventing normal startup of Windows in the first place.

In my friend’s computer, the main culprit was a free anti-virus which was expired and somehow was preventing normal startup of windows. After we uninstalled the anti-virus software and restarted the computer, it started booting normally. After which we installed some free anti-malware and virus scanner to check for the possibility of any further infections.

As we always say, is better to be safe than sorry, always keep your computer safe, keep the anti-virus updated and take timely backup of your important data.

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