Notepad / My Documents / My computer opens on windows startup


This is one of the most common problems experienced by people, as many readers reported this problem in a different way.





  • Notepad opens at windows startup
  • My documents opens at windows startup
  • My computer startup at windows

Some of the readers also reported that it happens after installing some applications, some of them says that this windows activity started occurring after some virus infection

Let see how this computer trouble actually occurs and how can you fix it


This problem occurs when some programs modifies the Userinit registry key, or if there is a registry change in the Userinit value.


So need to repair windows registry key to solve this problem, change the Userinit registry key value to fix this trouble.


Follow the procedure given below to stop opening of my computer, my documents or notepad at windows startup.

1. Open Start menu >> Run or press window + r , this will open the run prompt

2. Type “regedit” ( without quotes ) and press Enter , this will open registry editor

3. Now, navigate to the following registry key in registry editor

HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Win­dows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon


4. Double click the Userinit registry key and set the value C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.e­xe, ( The comma at the end of the value should also be there ).

5. Exit registry and restart your computer to see the change into effect


We hope the fix given will help to fix the trouble


  1. I had this problem too. Windows Explorer opens when I start my computer. Thanks for the tip.

  2. when i boot my system it emmediatly restarts can any one tell me how to solve this problem plz

  3. The registry entry is as it should be but I still get a document window at startup?
    Any other suggestions?

  4. Hello,

    I am recently experiencing this problem on my Win2000 computer. (My Computer comes up open at startup.) I don’t see a ‘UserInit’ registry key, however. Only


    How do I proceed?


  5. hye i have a problem

    when i open the internet or not

    i cannot open 2 or 3 program

    if i open another program my computer getting crash or slow

    i need ur help please

  6. Ok not, I tried that and now my computer logs off when I try ti log in! I can start on safe mode, or when the computer was last ok. I can’t change the regedit thing again… please help!

  7. thanks very much for sharing this info .
    (i had the My documents opens at windows startup thing, and now it`s fixed )

  8. hello,
    my problem is whenever i start my computer two(2) notepad windows are opened with along the start up of windows xp.please give a solution for this coz its eating away my brain.please look into this problem and reply soon.
    waiting eagerly for ur reply.

  9. iam havin my documents open at start up and checked what ya said and fond that it was correct but like this:

    so… it has it twice which i figured is bad so i only left:

    and restarted me pc but that my documents folder keeps poppin up on startup still!!

    any help what iam doin wrong or sumthin ???

    thx in advance!!!

  10. whenever i start win xp, My Document folder opens at startup. I tried editing registry and start up applications but neither of the two could not resolve it.

  11. Me too facing the same problem on startup.
    I tried all options specified including editing registry(HKLM/soft…..Winlogon value).
    The registry is same as specified.Please Help am strugling with this problem

  12. Hi, I have the issue of my “My Computer” window opening on start up. I followed the instructions above. Yes indeed the comma was missing at the end of the string. I edited it so the comma is there. I restarted the computer but the same issue occured, meaning it didn’t fix my problem. I went back into it to make sure the comma was still there, which indeed it is. Why won’t this solution work for me?

  13. I haved checked the registry. The value in the registry is same which is given over here i.e
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\userinit.e­xe, so now what should i do.

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