Now Specify Different Download Locations For Different Types Of Files

In every browser there is an option to configure the option for download location. In Mozilla,s Firefox browser also there is an option to specify the download location where all the files will get downloaded. Whereas there are no further options available to customize this download process. Sometimes the users don’t want all their files getting downloaded into the same location, they want to customize the process and and have the files being downloaded to different download locations. Today I have got a software named Automatic Save Folder which will help you to customize the download location of the various types of files on the basis of file types but this software is only available for Mozilla Firefox.

This application will automatically sort your files as it will keep different type of files in different locations. The application will not only allow you to filter the downloaded files by file types but also by the domain name. There are options available in the application to combine these two options as well. In case you download songs, videos and images frequently from the internet you can specify different download location for all these downloaded files so that everything remains sorted.

Automatic save mozilla 1

This is the preferences window of the Automatic Save Folder preferences window. It has five tabs i.e Filters, Options, Dynamic Folders, Help and About. In the first Tab Filters you will get the option to make filters for the various download location on the basis of file types and domain name. You can also edit the preferences that you have made by selecting any of the entry that you have already made and then clicking on the Edit button. The “+” and “-” buttons are used to add and remove an entry into the Filters. In the Filters tab there are options in which you can specify the download location of the file if it doesn’t match any of the file types and the domain name entries added.

Automatic save mozilla 2

The above window will open when you will have to Edit an existing filter or you have to add a new filter. The filter will five you an option to specify the Domain name  or Filename of both. There is a help section at the bottom which will tell you how to specify multiple file types in one filter. In case you need more help you can click on the Regexp Help button which will give you more help regarding how to make a regular expression and how to use it.

Download Automatic Save Folder.

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