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When we have so many pictures, sometimes we think of making interesting mosaic with these pictures. There are many tools available which are complicated and a bit difficult to work on.

So, i am reviewing a tool which is free and very easy to work on. The name of this freeware is MosaicIt.

MosaicIt is a smart tool which basically replace different sections of a base image with other pictures that have the corresponding color. It is compatible with windows 7, vista, xp and Linux.

The main window will appear like this with a list of options which i will discuss one by one.


Before creating a photographic mosaic, we have to set up an image database that contains all the pictures the mosaic will be made of. To do so, click the option of ‘Create Database’.

In it, you have to select a filename for the new database file. Also, you have to select a directory from which contains the pictures of which you want to make a mosaic. You can also include subdirectories by marking the option. The database formation will take few minutes.


You can also edit the database in the option of ‘Edit Database’. In it, you can remove the files which you do not require in your mosaic. Also, you can add either a file or a directory of photos for increasing the size of database by the option of ‘Add a directory to the database’ and ‘Add a file to the database’ respectively.


After setting the database, for making a mosaic, you have to select the option of ‘New Mosaic’ in the main window. Here, you have to select the database from where you want the photos. Also, you have to select the base image on which other pictures will be placed. You can also save your mosaic at the desired location.

After setting the options, you just have to select ‘Next’ and within a few minutes, your mosaic will be created and will be saved at the given location.


The position of different photos will be random depending on the appropriate color. The created mosaic will appear like this.


There is also an option of ‘Help’ in the main window which will give you the detail information of the whole process. You can read it carefully for easy learning of this tool.

Download MosaicIt

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