[Solved] Force Full Buffering of Youtube Video When Paused

One thing which most of our readers have noticed these days while watching youtube videos is that when you pause a video while the buffering for a video gets stopped automatically. It started happening after some new changes rolled out to youtube this changes is actually good as it avoid the wastage of internet bandwidth of the users when they pause a video, as youtube might assume that if you are pause a youtube video then it means that you are not interested in watching the video.

Fix Buffering Stopped When Youtube Video Paused

What Used To Happen Previously On Youtube

As most of users who are on slow internet connection used to pause a HD or video which is not playing properly due to slow internet connection. At that time users used to pause the video so that video buffers completely and they can watch the video from the moment they paused the video, but now its not possible by default.

SmartVideo For Google Chrome Buffers Videos On Youtube

SmartVideo is a great google chrome extension which allows you to do the full buffering even when you pause the video, once you install this extension it will show you what it can do.

Smart Video Buffering Options For Youtube Video

It can give you more control over youtube video buffering by offering you custom buffering options like you can make a video to buffer but don’t play it rather it will notify you on complete buffering.

dont play the video but notify after full buffering

You can set the option in case you want to ensure that videos are buffered even if they are paused.

buffer video when they are paused

Once you have the extension installed and enabled, you will see a new options below the youtube video play bar once you move your mouse over it or on the video.

Start Buffering on Youtube Video

In case you are not using google chrome but rather using firefox browser, then you can install the firefox version of smartvideo for youtube.


This way you can make sure to buffer a video even when you pause a video and over ride the default behavior youtube which stops the buffering when you pause the video, we hope the above extension solve your problem, in case you have a related problem let us know through the comment section below.


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