Prevent A Particular Folder In Dropbox To Sync With Particular Computer

Dropbox is one of the most easy to use and cross-platform service to use on a computer to save data securely to cloud. Once you set up your account, you can install it on different computers which you use and also on your mobile phones and tablet PCs and it will start syncing all these devices with each other. Whenever you create or edit or delete a file on one of these devices, it will be created, edited or deleted on rest of the devices too. It is quite easy to use and does not require any complicated set up.

One of the features, which is not known to many Dropbox users however is that you can prevent particular folder or folders from being synced to a particular PC. For example, you may not want your phone pictures to sync on your office PC while its ok to sync them with your tablet and home PC. Or say you don’t want your office work folder to be synced on your hope PC. In such cases you can use the Selective Sync feature of Dropbox.

Simply follow the below steps to use this feature:

Step 1: Right click on the Dropbox folder in the system tray and click on Preferences.

dropbox prefrences

Step 2: In Dropbox preferences click on the Selective Sync button.

Selective Sync

Step 3: On the selective sync window you can uncheck the folders which you don’t want to be synced with that particular PC. You can also switch to the advanced mode to uncheck a folder which is deeper inside a particular folder.

Select Folder

After you change the settings, simply click on Update button at the bottom and click ok on the previous Window. Check out some more useful Tips and Tricks by Trouble Fixers.

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