[How To] Prevent Accidental Click On Laptop Touchpad While Typing

Laptops are fast replacing the normal desktop computers in most fields and are one of the most commonly used productivity devices. But with the benefits of compact form factor and portability, there are some inherent problems associated with it like compact keyboards and touchpads which replace the generous mouse and keyboards of a typical desktop computer. One of the most common problems for new users who switch from a desktop to laptop computer is typing fast and using the touchpad as it does take some time to get used to. And the big annoying problem is accidental clicks on touchpad by palm or wrist or a finger which takes the typing cursor to some other window or program and the typing flow is disturbed. In this article, I share with you few simple tips and some free softwares which help you solve this problem.

Lets start with one of the in-built settings in Windows which helps to prevent accidental clicks, to turn it on, simply follow these two simple steps:

Step 1: Open Control Panel > Mouse settings.

Prevent Accidental Clicks (1)

Step 2: In the Mouse Properties window, click on the Pointer options tab and click on the check box which says “Hide pointer while typing” and press OK.

Prevent Accidental Clicks (2)

The above setting will hide the mouse pointer and will prevent accidental clicks to some extent. But repeated touch of palm on the touchpad may still cause the cursor to jump from place to place. So lets have a look at some more tips to tackle this problem.

Reduce Sensitivity or Enable Palm Ignore Feature

Many modern laptops with multi touch gestures come with special touchpad softwares. These softwares are capable of identifying a finger touch from a palm touch on the touchpad and hence can ignore the accidental palm or wrist touching the touchpad while typing. Also you can reduce the sensitivity of speed of the these touchpads using the softwares. Since these softwares vary from different makes and models of laptops there is no standard way of making these settings. You can look for a touchpad related icon in the right hand bottom Windows tray and open the settings of touchpad from there and make the required setting.

Posture Correction and Free Software Tools

Another very convenient way to avoid palm clicks is to sit properly and place the laptop at such a height that the typing angle is comfortable and slightly inclines so that there is always a small gap between the palm and touchpad. This way, you will need no extra settings or changes. Also if you are unable to avoid it, you can use softwares like Touchpad Blocker to completely block the touchpad. Many laptops these days come with hardware or software buttons to disable touchpad temporarily. You can also buy a compact laptop mouse and disable the touchpad.

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