Prevent Accidental Installation Of Add-Ons In Firefox To Enhance Security

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular Internet browsers on the Internet. But as all good things have some weak side, Mozilla Firefox is vulnerable to some add-on related issues which includes add-on installation. Although Mozilla Firefox has done some provisions to whitelist the apps, so it has a list of recommended extensions which add-ons which are safe to use. But still there can be third party add-ons provided on other websites or other software packages which are not via Mozilla official channel, such add-ons are a security threat to cyber security of users. In this article, we share with you a very useful tip using which you can disable accidental install of third-party add-ons in Firefox.

Simply follow the below steps to disable installation of add-ons in Firefox.

Open Firefox and in the address bar, type “about:config

Disable Firefx Add-ons (1)

Click on the button which says, I’ll be careful. This will give you access to the configuration parameters of the Firefox browser which helps controlling core features of Firefox.

On the configuration screen, Right-click and select New > Boolean

Disable Firefx Add-ons (2)

Name the new preference name as “xpinstall.enabled

Disable Firefx Add-ons (3)

In the boolean value, select “False

Disable Firefx Add-ons (4)

And press OK. Next time onwards, when you will need to install any add-on or extension, you will need to explicitly enable it, so there is minimal chance of an accidental install of a Firefox add-on, which makes you save from a lot of security threats.

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