Tips To Stop Virus or Malware From Harmful Websites To Infect Your PC


There are many readers who tell us about this common problem when they get their PC infected by virus and they don’t know what went wrong as normally scan every CD or USB drive they connect to their computer. This seems to be most protective statement when people say like this, as they ignore the another critical important activity on their computer that is web surfing as most of the users visit the websites and unknowingly they visit harmful websites sometimes by accidently clicking a harmful link or some times they may visit the potential harmful torrent websites, today we will tell you how to protect your computer from getting infected from the malware from these malware websites.

Stop Virus or Malware From Harmful Websites

Below are some software you can install in your browser you use to protect your computer from the malware spreading out from these websites. There are some things you need to remember to save your computer from malware, Trojans and other threats from websites you visit. There are many articles which talk about that you need to keep your antivirus updated, your windows updates should be on so that windows should be protected to handle virus or malware infection.

So, today we will talk about another things which will help you more to avoid both the infection and in case you are infected you can use these tools to get your system get back to normal state, read on further to know how to protect your computer from threats in case your antivirus fails to do so or in case it is incapable of defending or killing the malware coming from internet way.

Install A Good Free Firewall

Yes, a third party firewall can really help your system to defend against malwares. If you don’t what a firewall is, then you should know that it is software or hardware that acts like security gate to help protect your computer against hackers and some computer viruses and worms when they try to enter your computer when connected to the Internet. You can choose to install any of the firewall mentioned below, but make sure that you install only one of any of these.

Install a Free Malware Cleaner or Remover

There could be a instance when a PC you working on is already infected with malware like rogue antivirus, cleaner programs and fake registry cleaner which pretends to make your system faster and other hand they corrupt files and spread malware and virus onto your computer, so in such case you should install a free malware remover program like Malware Anti Malware Free [ It’s 14 day trail version but works fully functional ] and we also recommend you to install free cookies cleaners programs as they can save you by cleaning or deleting the malware files on your computer.

Some other options as malware scanners and cleaners are

Microsoft Security Essentials

Spybot Search and Destroy [ Free Version ]

Install Light Weight Anti Virus That Gives You Web Protection

For this we recommend you to know about our list of free light weight anti virus for windows, and some of them gives you real better protection than any paid antivirus with out slowing down your computer.

Don’t Install Codecs or Media Player From Websites To View or Watch Their Content

There are times when you may be visiting some potential harmful adult website which may ask you to install a codec to play a content or it could be the case when you try to download a file from website and it ask you to download some other software which will download the file for you, in both of these cases it could be potential virus or malware that could infect your PC and could also steal your data.

Scan The Files You Download For Virus or Malware

When you download a file from Torrent or Video Sites please make sure to scan it with the antivirus installed on your computer, make sure that your antivirus should be updated to catch any new or old malware or virus hidden in these files.

Please Don’t Use file sharing software like Kazaa, Bear Share, or any other peer to peer sharing software.

Install Toolbars Which Could Protect You and Warn You From Clicking Dangerous Links

You can also install toolbars and other free desktop tools Norton Safe Web which tells you whether a website is safe to open, you can also consider installing WOT, AVG link scanner or McAfee Site Advisor.


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