Is My Windows 8 Account Data Safe? Check Privacy Settings Now !

Windows 8 provides a new level of integration with the online accounts by allowing users to login with a Microsoft account rather than a local user account. Although users have the options to use or not use a Microsoft account  (Also read- Switch Between Local And Microsoft Account On Windows 8 PC, Tablet Or Phone). Also there are many additional benefits of using Microsoft login account on the Windows 8 PC. But, like almost every great feature, there are few pitfalls, there maybe privacy issues which are relates to the sharing of Microsoft account information of the online accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc. linked to your Microsoft account. In this article, I will share a quick guide on how to you can prevent online accounts from accessing Microsoft information.

sign into windows account

Prevent or Control Microsoft Account Information Sharing With Online Accounts or Apps

Step 1: Sign into Microsoft Live account here. After you login using your Windows 8 account which you use for login, you reach the Account overview screen.

Microsoft Account Review

Step 2: On the accounts settings page, click on Permissions link on the left hand pane. In the permission section, click on “Manage your accounts” link.

Manage Permissions

Step 3: When you reach the Manage your accounts page, it will list all the accounts associated which may include social network accounts and online services. Click on the Edit link below every service which you want to review or change.

29-11-2012 09-42-12 PM

Step 4: On the detailed access information, you can see what all access privileges the online account has from your Microsoft Windows 8 account. You can remove the privileges and by clicking Remove link and you can also click the link above the done button to remove this application or account completely from your Windows 8 account.

review and change settings

This is all you have to do for removing or restricting the access level of Microsoft account information which can be accessed by the online accounts. Check out some more Windows 8 Tutorials by Trouble Fixers.

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