Prevent Yahoo Mail Account Hacking By Turning On HTTPS / SSL Option

Yahoo mail is not my primary email option but many users have Yahoo as their primary email. Before Gmail was launched, Hotmail, AOL email and Yahoo mail were quite popular. I also created my first email id on Yahoo only almost a decade back.

Since then, Yahoo mail have evolved quite a lot and does offer much better speed and options now. In this email, I will share a very important safety tip that will help you prevent any hacking attack on your Yahoo mail account. I am going to talks about turning on SSL or HTTPS protocol in Yahoo mail which will help strengthen the security of your mail account and will prevent any sort of leakage in the communication. Simply follow the below steps:

Step 1: Login in to your yahoo mail account.

Yahoo Mail without SSL

Step 2: Click on settings, Mail Options.

Yahoo Mail Options

Step 3: On mail options, click on General settings and under Advanced, there is an option to Turn On SSL. Check it and press Save.

Turn On SSL on Yahoo Mail

Step 4: Click ok when it asks to refresh the communication.

Yahoo Mail Refresh Notifications

This is it, after it is saved, it will refresh the page and will make the communication secure.

Yahoo Mail HTTPS SSL Turned On

Additional Tip: Always use a strong password for your accounts and do not share them with anyone. Also keep the security question which is not known to your friends of anyone.

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