Print Large Poster Size Images With Normal Home or Office Printer

Its true that you cannot think of making and printing large posters at your home. As your home printer can usually print an A4 size sheet but a poster is supposed to be printed on a huge piece of paper, thus your printer does not support that size and moreover it is hard to find a tool, which can use the pictures and design stored in your system and can make a poster with that. I have a tool to review through which you can make and print a poster of any size, whether it is as large as 10 A4 sheets and this tool is knows as ‘Posteriza’. Lets see how this happens?


As I already reviewed a tool named as ‘Posterazor’, which can print your poster with the help of the printer at your home, but this tool can also make that poster apart from printing it. This tool will measure the size of your poster on A4 size sheets or you can say that this tool will divide the poster into number of A4 sheets and then it will print different part of the posters on different pages which can be assembled afterwards. You can use different sceneries and designs appropriate for your poster and then select the lines and text which should be printed on that. Select all the specifications, colors, Font, size of the image and other required features, then try to create a rough sketch on your notepad. Now, with the help of the options mentioned below you can create that same poster with all the desired specifications.

As you can see the snapshot of the application window, you will find 4 major sections in which your work is divided. I will explain each and every section one by one.

  • Text

You will be provided with 4 lines to write text onto your poster, with the help of the more option you can change the format, font and color of the text. The size of the text varies on the scale from +4 to –4.

  • Photo

You can select the background image from your system. You can also crop that image and use it with another image with ‘more’ option under that tab.


  • Border

The border designs are preloaded into that tool, you can select the design and select the color of line of the border. You can include date, page no etc. within the header and you can also include the cut line width for the pieces to be pasted, as these options are available in the ‘more’ option.


  • Size

Under this tab you can measure the size of your poster on the scale of pages, which will printed out by your printer. you can vary the size of basic unit page in which your poster will be divided.


After completing your setting under these tabs you can give the print command which will print the different sections of your posters. After getting them printed you can get your pieces assembled.

The size of this tool is 693Kb and thus it is portable as it does not get installed or you can launch it by double clicking the .exe file. This freeware is compatible with all the version of Windows as it has been checked with Windows XP service pack 2 and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

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