"Generic volume cannot be stopped right now" error when Removing a pen-drive


We attach portable USB device like pen drive, memory cards and portable drives etc. on our computer to transfer files from/to your computer.


When you try to remove a USB pen-drive by using “Safely Remove Hardware > Safely remove USB Mass Storage device”  option, windows should stop all the read-write operations on the drive so that the drive can be removed.


But sometimes when you try to eject the USB device by using “Safely remove USB Mass Storage device” option, it shows a message box which says:

“The Device Generic volume cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device later”




In such case its not safe to remove the pen drive as it can get corrupt or get damaged. Many of us face such problem in removing pen-drive. In this post we will see how to fix such issue.


Let’s see why it happens and the fix



This error comes when you have an application which is running from your pen drive or may be some file or document opened from your pen-drive when you are removing your drive.


In short, some file on your pen drive is in use by some other program on that computer. So close all such files or applications and try removing the drive.


In case it does not work, see the following section.


It happens sometimes that you have no application running from your pen drive or any file opened in your knowledge but still when you try to remove the pen-drive it shows this error message shown above. In that case you can use a free application called Unlocker which will help you to remove your pen drive from your windows.


What is Unlocker?


Unlocker is an explorer extension that allows you with a simple right-click of the mouse on a file,  folder or pen drive to get rid of error message like the one mentioned above.


How To Remove USB Pen Drive with Unlocker?



1. Download Unlocker from here and install it on your computer.

2. Right click on your USB pen drive in my computer and select Unlocker.


3. A new window will open that will list all the busy handles of files being used on your pen drive. Now click the button which says Unlock All ( Highlighted in the image below )


After clicking Unlock All try to remove your pen drive normally, through “Safely Remove Hardware” dialog.  


If still you are not able to remove pen drive then try clicking the Kill Process button in Unlocker.


Tip: If none of the above given approach works then we suggest you to turn off the computer and then remove your pen drive out of the USB port.


We hope the solution provided above will help you fix the problem, if you know another way to solve this trouble please share it through comments.


  1. This unlocker is a handy multipurpose software, I have blogged about removing viruses which cannot be cleaned by AV software using unlocker…. Nice find…

  2. problem was solved. its really a useful software, because this problem was faced to many of my friends.

  3. When this problem occurs, right click on your USB pen drive in my computer and select Eject. Then try to safely remove it.

  4. This can also solved by loging off and again log in and try to safely remove it.

  5. Did not solve my problem. It says there are no handles for the drive but XP still says drive is in use…

  6. hat was a really cool solution it showed me up 3 svc host were running,and I think they must be viruses.

  7. My initial issue was that when I switched to Linux partition, the disk was still mounted. Unlocker detected some svchost.exe locking the unmount of my USB Hard disk in Windows and when I was back to linux the disk was mountable.

    Although there is an unlcoker on Linux, I preferred to unlock the disk on Windows and then back to Linux.

    Is unlocker spyware-free? Did anybody experience any issue with unlocker?

    Thanks, Claudio.

  8. I tried to use unlocker in my vista 64 bit, but when I right click on my drive I don’t see any unlocker in the list.. any suggestion plesase….?

  9. It still said ” No Locking Handle foung “..so what should I do then ..Pls.

  10. Excellent tip. Researched lots of places but this one did it for me. Very good utility to use!

  11. thanks for helping and sharing it with others. it works for me… thanks again

  12. The software did not work in my turn. It says “No locking handle found”
    Any other method please???????

  13. Thank you 😀
    Was tired of shutting down each time I had to remove the pen drive.

  14. Worked for me for my ex hd. I also had the problem of not being able to access my external harddrive. So, not only could i not remove it but I also could not access it directly from the my computer window (though I could indirectly via programs, i.e., if i had a word doc on my ex hd, i could open word and access it via word). so, i hope this unlocker resolves the other problem too….

  15. Doesn’t always work. Many a time, I’ve closed down all running applications (task bar is bare) and ran Unlocker, which reveals nothing locking the drive. Recently discovered that sometimes the Recycling bin will prevent removal, disabling the Recycling bin for the drive if it’s an external hard drive will sometimes allow it to be unplugged, (even though running Unlocker prior didn’t find anything). In short, an extremely and hugely annoying bug. If I’ve done the above 3 things and am still unable to remove the drive, I just unplug regardless. I can say irrevocably that I’ve never ever ever had a corrupt file doing this.

  16. when i am about to down load the “unlocker” my computer say’s that it is not safe to run it……………

    now i would like to ask if it is safe or dangerous to run?
    cuz it may damage my computer…. i just want to be sure if it is safe….

  17. I have four Western Digital USB extenal drives which have always refused to disconnect using the ‘Safely Remove Icon’ on my taskbar.

    So, with some misgivings, I routinely disconnect the USB connector from my system wtihout even trying to use
    this feature.

    Never had a problemm; drives continue to work flawlessly.

    To my surprise however, I recently ran across the following settings choice buried within the tab called ‘policies’ within the properties section of one
    of the drives:

    “Optimize for Quick Rremoval
    This setting disables write caching on the disk and in windows so that you can disconnect the device without using the safe removal tool.”

    A second choice presented allows you to enable write caching and therefore does seem to require the use of the safe removal tool.

    For my WD drives I accessed this page as follows:

    (1) Right-click letter of external drive in My Computer.
    (2) Select Properties.
    (3) Click on appropriate device from menu.
    (4) Select ‘Policy’ tab.

    Possibly other external drives/devices may have a similar

    To me disabling write caching seems a small price to pay for some additional peace of mind.

  18. Ok, while I was reading and studying this download..prior to the actual download…my computer must have finished what ever it had going on and it stopped “ticking”…so, I tried to use the standard device disconnect again and it worked fine this time…did not get the “Generic volume device cannot be stopped right now” message an longer..so, I guess, in some cases, you should just do as the warning suggests…just wait a while and try standard disconnect again…worked for me… besides, I was having trouble figuring out how to read French…

  19. Awesome!! it worked!!Thank you soo much!!!
    I’ve been trying to solve this problem for soo long!

  20. I am using Server Standard 2008. I think this should make u guys happy though i havent tested it for XP, Vista, and Window 7.

    Right click My computer -> choose Manage -> Right Click your usb Device or ext HDD -> choose offline;

    You can now remove your Usb device

  21. thank u very much,,, it’s very useful application. i like it.

  22. Thank You!!! I had gone to several websites to find an answer to this problem and found many complicated suggestions that were above my ability to perform. I found this site and one click on the Unlocker was all it took! I will surely be returning to this site.

  23. hi there! at first im having that error but when i install the unlocker and remove my memory card reader it perfectly work fine (the safely remove hardware)
    Its a very big help simple instructions! No need to be a tech person to follow this..!
    I love it! and guys the unlocker is totally free!! Thank you so much for the help! 😀

  24. Hi,
    I get error while ejecting my phone connected to usb. After using unlocker, it show me error “path locked” N:\kazan\marijana.exe. while i dont have something like this on my phone. I think its some kind of virus. any info????

  25. @amit, i feel this is a serious virus. i was trying to track it but still i am trying to delete it. it was initiated in late of September 2010. pervx 3.0 is trying to kill it but it could not clear it 100%. pls advice if you have found any cure.

  26. @ Amit @Yogesh imagine me too it has infected my phone.(I:\kazan\marijana.exe) Kaspersky antivirus 2010 is trying to kill the virus but unable to. It also tried to quarantine but still with no success. Please advice or help if you guyz have found a cure for this.

  27. Hello, can I use the Unlocker from my USB? My friend borrowed my USB and he can’t be able to savefly remove it. So I wonder if I can download the Unlocker and save it in my USB. Am I able to safely remove my USB in this case?

  28. Brilliant solution..unlocker worked for me…thank you soooo much..keep up the good work..

  29. I have Transcend 32 gb pendrive.This is variety problem I am facing with this . I copied the data to pendrive it showing , and opening perfectly.I removed the pendrive from the system with safety remove. Then once again I plug the pendrive and open ,it is opening but the files are not opening. saying corrupted files. what is the problem?

  30. Yeah this problem occur like when I my video clips imported directly from my USB flash drive to Windows Movie Maker and halfway you wanna “Safely Remove USB Mass Storage” the message will pop up as your project from the flash drive haven’t been closed or saved yet.

  31. thanx for your tips! it worked like a peach! i’ve been having this problem everytime i insert my usb. …

  32. i used this UNLOCKER when i was still using Windows XP.. I am now using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and I encounter this problem again.. Unlocker does not work for Windows 7.. Please help me..

  33. Hi,

    Unlocker software is not cleared this problem in my system. Still i’m facing the same issue. plz. help any other way to solve this problem.

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