[Troubleshoot] Problem With Dual RAM Modules

One of our readers recently reported a problem to us mentioning:

Problem With Dual RAMs

I want to use two rams of 2GB combine in my pc. when I put both rams system show only one ram memory that put first in pc. I also check the system ports and Rams one by one that works but when I use combine only one ram memory show that put first. Please suggest me what I can do for solve the problem.

Upgrade RAM on Laptop or PC

Upgrading RAM on a PC is a more complex procedure than it seems. First of all, you must ensure that both the RAMs that you are using are using same frequency, are or same type and same specifications. The best case scenario is to use RAM modules of same brand, same make and same model which will ensure that there in no incompatibility at all.

In case you are using different modules of same capacity, if they don’t match properly on the frequency and other specs like the speed, latency etc., then there are high chances of crashes, random restating of PC and in some cases, one module not being detected at all (which is reported above).

In our opinion, you should use only one module if the two you have are not of same brand and make. Else you can buy a new one matching one of the two older modules and the install it together with the older modules, which is most appropriate way of upgrade.

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