Quickly Change Laptop Settings Like Display, Presentation, Network Without Installing Any Special Software

Most of us use laptops for working from outside of home and offices, we tale them with us to the meetings, for presentation, we work on them outdoor where there may not be electric supply, or maybe no WiFi networks. In such cases, some of the most commonly used functions are adjusting the screen brightness as per the outside light, turning off wifi to save battery, changing the power mode, connecting to a projector to name a few. What if you get all of these options at one place in your Windows PC without installing any special software? Sounds useful? it does to me.

You maybe surprised to know that you need not install any additional software to access all these functions from one single window on your PC as Windows has an in-built feature called the Mobility Center which is not much known to many users.

Windows Mobility Center

Windows Mobility center icon is there in the Control panel from where you can launch it. If you want to access it faster, right click on the mobility center in the control panel and click on Create Shortcut option. It will create a shortcut on the desktop from where you can access it quickly.

Windows Mobility Center-icon

Once the shortcut is there on the desktop, then you will not need to open the control panel to change these settings, simply launch it from desktop by double clicking on the shortcut.

Shortcut saved on desktop

From mobility center, you can very easily do the most accessed function with just a few clicks or using the sliders like adjusting the volume, display brightness, turning on or off WiFi, connecting to external display etc.

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